<pre><pre>Breaking News: New Jersey man arrested on terror accusation after & # 39; conspiracy to bomb Trump Tower & # 39;

The police responded to reports from a knife maker trying to hijack a plane in Amsterdam


The Dutch military police said on Wednesday that they are investigating a suspicious situation aboard a plane at Schiphol airport.

& # 39; There is a suspicious situation and that is all I can say, & # 39; said a military police spokesman.

He refused to name the airline concerned or to provide further details.


Reports on Twitter suggest that men armed with knives tried to hijack an outgoing flight.

Images on social media show that passengers stood behind a cordon while the police watched.

A passenger said: & # 39; Masses & # 39; s people have just been asked to go further behind the safety cord. & # 39;

Schipol airport tweeted: & # 39; The Royal Netherlands Marechaussee is currently investigating a situation on board an aircraft at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. We will keep you informed. & # 39;

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