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The player Let Me Solo Her finishes the Elden Ring with each enemy replaced by Malenia


Let Me Solo Her, an Elden Ring player who beat Malenia hundreds of times for those who couldn’t beat the strongest boss in the game, manages to prove once again that Malenia is the one to fear.

He recently finished the Elden Ring with a mod that turns every enemy into it. Last month, he took on this challenge with only a few rules, the first being that he can’t level up the vigor, a perk that affects how much damage you can take, the next rule is to get the jar helmet, and finally: complete the game. You can watch his journey, which is divided into five different parts, for yourself on his channel YouTube.

According to the site KotakuLet Me Solo Her computer crashed more than once due to the high requirements of this modification, even though it was using the $1,200 RTX 4080 graphics card.

But despite all the hardships he faced, Let Me Solo Her managed to complete the challenge in about 10 hours. He explained in a tweet how fun Malenia’s tour was and how he died more than he’d like to admit.

It is reported that Let Me Solo Her defeated this boss more than 1000 times, after which in July Bandai Namco celebrated his achievement by sending him a real sword and gifts from the game.

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