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The Perth community is in turmoil over WC Savage’s giant OnlyFans billboard ad


Outrage over an ‘Australian-first’ billboard featuring a woman in a bikini – but it’s the QR code in particular that has locals excited: ‘It’s parents’ responsibility’

  • OnlyFans star commissions giant billboard
  • Local businesses and parents have complained

An Aussie OnlyFans star who commissioned a giant billboard of herself in a bikini has responded to community outrage.

Savannah, aka WC Savage, is currently displaying herself on a large billboard at an intersection in Osborne Park, a suburb of Perth.

The ad features her in a black bikini and includes links and a QR code to her OnlyFans, where her adult content is hosted.

It is understood that Savannah and the council, the City of Stirling, have dealt with numerous complaints, many from parents concerned that their children would scan the QR code and access explicit content.

Savannah said it wasn’t her responsibility to control what other people’s children watched online.

OnlyFans star Savannah had a giant billboard made of herself in Perth for the first time in Australia

“I really believe that’s the parents’ responsibility,” she told Perth’s 6PR radio on Monday.

“If young teens scan this QR code, they should have parental locks placed by their parents on their iPhones, tablets, and computers, and the like, to prevent them from accessing sites like this and others that do. make explicit content.’

Savannah criticized suggestions that kids might just “trip” her OnlyFans.

“OnlyFans actually have layers of protection in place to prevent underage people from accessing the site,” she said.

“You must have your driver’s license. You already need a credit card to access the free site.’

Despite the backlash from the community, Savannah said she had no intention of removing the ad unless ordered otherwise.

“People are worried about kids seeing this picture of me in a bikini on the beach, which I think is a bit far-fetched,” she said.

‘But every man for himself. It is clear that OnlyFans is an adult content creation website that focuses on adult entertainment.”

Savannah responded to suggestions that children could access her adults-only account via a QR code on the billboard

Savannah responded to suggestions that children could access her adults-only account via a QR code on the billboard

Mayor Mark Irwin told 7NEWS that the issue is not in the hands of the city, but in the hands of the owner of the billboard.

“The content and editorial control of what appears on the billboard is a decision of a private entity,” he said.

Savannah said her billboard ad — believed to be Australia’s first — “did really well.”

“I’ve tried all kinds of marketing. This is something that has never been done before in Australia by an OnlyFans content creator, and very few people around the world have actually done this,” she said.

She also encouraged the community to keep an open mind.

“Honestly, if a photo of a young woman in a bikini is the worst thing your kids will see today, I really think we should be thankful and have some perspective.”

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