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The Perfect Winter Guide To Choosing The Right Shoes For Men In 2022

The winter season in India is usually a mixed bag, and you never know if it is going to be cold, chilly, or warm. Most Indian cities get warm and sunny winter days that transition into cold and chilly nights. Additionally, if you are into early morning hikes or workouts, you will have to be dressed for the cold. Since our feet are the thermostats of our bodies, we have to pick our shoes wisely in order to keep performing efficiently. However, this does not have to mean that you have to compromise on style and recent trends. Gone are the days when men had to choose between style and comfort when choosing functional shoes that improve their performance. However, with the comprehensive collection of men’s winter shoes out there, it can get overwhelming to pick the right shoes for men for the winter. So, below is the Perfect Winter Guide To Choosing The Right Shoes For Men In 2022. 

  1. The Cool Winter Colours

Even though black and white are classic and neutral colours and complement almost 98% of your wardrobes, neutral colours like grey, brown, and navy blue were birthed for the winter season. They give you a strong and composed vibe as you venture out in your office or athleisure wear. So, pair your navy blue men’s sneakers with men’s white running shorts, a navy-blue men’s t-shirt with all-over prints, and a multi-coloured white running jacket. The navy blue sneakers will retain relatively more heat than the other, lighter colours which will keep your feet warm and efficiently functioning so you can perform high on your runs. Neutral green is also a fantastic colour when working with classic winter colours. Pair your neutral green men’s shoes with grey joggers, black track pants, or jeans, depending on where you are headed.

  1. The Monochromatic Classic

As mentioned above, white and black are the most fantastic classic and neutral colours that complement most of your wardrobe collection. However, they also make for excellent monochromatic looks for the winter. 

  • Black Monochromatic Look: Winter is a season to get cosy and comfy, so simply pick your most comfortable all-black shoes with a brand logo to pair with black joggers, a black polo t-shirt, and an all-black men’s sweat jacket for the gym and a black bomber jacket for the most perfect and mysterious men’s bomber jacket. Additionally, if you are going on a vacation, pair this outfit with a long black men’s lightweight padded jacket so you can stay warm and look cool at the same time. 
  • White Monochromatic Look: Similarly, create your freshest white monochromatic look by pairing your white track pants with a white crew-neck men’s t-shirt and cool white slides to get to and from a yoga class on a warm and sunny winter day. Add on a cosy white hooded sweatshirt for men and white compression socks for a relatively colder commute or environment.
  1. The Vibrant Balance

Winter is already a cold and cosy season, so one way to liven up some of your days, especially when you have a hard time getting out of bed, is to put on some vibrant men’s shoes. These shoes are available in amazingly vibrant colours like red, orange, yellow, a combination of two or more of these colours, etc. So, brighten your day for casual work days or early morning or late evening hikes (so you can stand out in your environment even in low-light conditions) by pairing your bright orange shoes with black jeans, a black t-shirt, and a black bomber jacket. You could also match the jacket to the shoes and break the black monochrome with both. You could also pair your multi-coloured men’s t-shirt, jacket, and yellow shorts with men’s yellow football sneakers for a friendly game on your neighbourhood turf.

  1. Men’s Multi-coloured Glow

Until now, men were constantly forced to fit their style and aesthetic into he more “manly” colours. This list of colours mostly included neutral and classic colours like grey, navy blue, brown, black, and white. White was also rarely used by all men. It was mostly reserved for the progressive or young men. However, the gears have shifted, and vibrant-coloured and multi-coloured shoes are as popular with men as they were once with women and children. So, pair your colourblock men’s tracksuit consisting of asymmetrical colourblock patterned men’s track pants and jacket with quirky socks and multi-coloured men’s shoes. Wear your solid branded white t-shirt for men underneath your track jacket, and let your multi-coloured Minecraft City-themed men’s shoes tie the whole outfit together.

  1. Men’s Shoes with Suede Leather Uppers

Suede leather uppers allow you to wear your athleisure wear to work or more than casual but less than formal settings without compromising on comfort. These shoes will change the singlehandedly style for a trendy and stylish brunch or dinner with friends and family. So, pair your black and grey men’s shoes with suede leather upper with black jeans, a stylish multi-coloured polo shirt for men and a grey bomber jacket to directly match your handsome shoes for a casual day out with your friends. You could also switch out your grey bomber jacket with a bright red one to draw attention in any room you enter. You could also pair your bright red men’s mid sneakers with suede leather uppers with your basketball shorts, a solid neutral green t-shirt, and an oversized basketball jacket for men for a warm vacation in a foreign country. This look will give you the best instagrammable pictures.

The best athleisure brands have self-explanatory size guides now for a man looking for the right winter shoes for themselves or as a gift for the men in their lives. So, you can let go of the worry about getting the wrong-sized shoes when you buy shoes online. So, if you are a shoe fanatic, please buy your men’s shoes confidently and style your already cool wardrobe with some shoe rack essentials for men or some fancy, indulgent shoes. Please follow the brands’ instructions when cleaning and maintaining your men’s shoes for longevity and durability.

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