The paramedics union apologizes for blaming his family for the death of the man from Sydney

Image of Hamze Ibrahim

The union representing the paramedics admitted that it was "totally wrong" to suggest that the family of a Sydney man was responsible for his death by obstructing the ambulance officers called to treat the 25-year-old girl.

The secretary of the Australian Paramedics Association, Steve Pearce, said on Sunday that Hamze Ibrahim's relatives were responsible for his death by preventing agents from calling a Riverwood unit that morning.

"We had the scandalous situation in which a violent mob demanded that the paramedics deliver a defibrillator and drugs that they said would treat the patient … the stupidity of these people took the life of a member of their family," Pearce said in an interview. release.

Ibrahim's family responded Monday saying their pain and suffering had been made worse by the association's "selfish, reckless and unfounded comments."

The union admitted on Wednesday that it was wrong.

"APA NSW acknowledges any statement … in the sense that the members of Mr. Ibrahim's family contributed or were in any way responsible for his death is totally incorrect and should not have been published," the organization said in a statement. .

"APA NSW further acknowledges that at no time did Ibrahim's family obstruct or threaten the paramedics while administering medical assistance."

Mr. Ibrahim has a large extended family, many of whom live near the 25 year old unit.

Family and friends ran by his side on Sunday morning, the family explained Monday.

Many were emotional and had difficulty accepting what had happened, but "none was violent or threatening to paramedics or the police."

"The large number of people who did attend the residence and the tense emotional circumstances surrounding the sudden death of a 25-year-old man may have caused the paramedics to believe they needed police assistance," the family's statement said.

The relatives said that Mr. Ibrahim did not use drugs, but suffered from sleep apnea. It is believed that the 25-year-old man suffered cardiac arrest.

The paramedics union said on Sunday they had been called to "suspect overdose."