The original Dune movie is also getting a 4K release this year


Dennis Villeneuve’s Dune is not the only film adaptation of Frank Herbert’s novel to be released in 4K this year. That’s because the original The adaptation, created in 1984 by a young David Lynch, will receive a limited edition 4K Blu-ray release on August 30. The film was both a critical and blockbuster that Lynch disowned later, but it’s also a fascinating historical artifact and a sci-fi cult classic.

Arrow Movies, the distributor handling the release, says the 4K restoration comes from the film’s original camera negative, scanned at 4K 2160p and mastered in Dolby Vision HDR. It also includes uncompressed stereo audio and a DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 surround sound mix.

Two versions of the 4K release are available for pre-order: a standard edition that includes the movie along with a bonus disc with additional content, and a steelbook edition that adds a third non-4K Blu-ray disc with the HD version. from the movie. Additional features include brand new audio commentary (from film historian Paul M. Sammon and podcaster Mike White), a new feature-length documentary, and a mix of new and old featurettes. It will be available to buy in the UK, US and Canada when it releases next month.

It would probably be an understatement to say the original Dune received a mixed reception upon release. Critic Robert Ebert called it “an incomprehensible, ugly, unstructured, pointless excursion into the dark realms of one of the most confusing scenarios of all time.” But the story of how it came to be is fascinating, with Ridley Scott at one point having an attachment to directing before stopping and directing Blade Runner instead. Vulture has a good timeline of the struggles that various filmmakers have had to endure over the years to adapt the novel.

Meanwhile, the 2021 Dune The adaptation is currently slated for release on October 1, when it will be available to watch in theaters at the same time, as well as HBO Max in 4K HDR.