The org that publishes .org websites has just sold itself to a profit-making company

Today, the Public Interest Registry (PIR), which maintains the .org top domain, announced that it will be taken over by Ethos Capital, a private equity firm (through Domain Name Thread). This move makes PIR, formerly a non-profit domain register, officially part of a profit-making company – which certainly seems to contradict what .org might mean to some. Originally ".org" was an alternative to the ".com" that was reserved for commercial entities, which was suitable for non-profit use.


That's not all: on June 30, ICANN, the non-profit organization that oversees all domain names on the internet, agreed to delete price ceilings for rates for .org domain names – which were previously relatively cheap. Seems like something a profit-making company would want.

Removing price ceilings was not exactly a popular idea when it was first proposed on March 18. According to Review signalwere only six of the more than 3,000 public comments on the change proposal.

In an "open letter" published on May 1, just a few days after the comment period ended, PIR said that it "had no specific plans for price increases for .org." costs to maintain their websites.

They also removed .info and .biz, which used to have price ceilings, this year.

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