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The only state where police issued more than $ 2.5 MILLION fines for COVID-19 offenses


* Corona virus restrictions will be lit from Monday, April 27.

* The two-person limit for non-work activities, including picnics, boating, hiking, camping, and group exercise, has been reduced from two to ten people, provided they adhere to social distance and good hygiene.

* Up to 10 people can attend weddings and funerals.

* In real estate, open houses and exhibition villages are allowed, but a record of anyone entering a house must be kept.

* Students return to class from May 29.

WA Prime Minister Mark McGowan said it was a “cautious relaxation” of restrictions.


* Parks and reserves have been reopened.

* Weddings, funerals, playgrounds, parks and public swimming pools will reopen from May 1.

* Outdoor sports where people can be physically distant such as golf and tennis are allowed.

* Pubs, cafes and restaurants will reopen from May 15. People are allowed to enter for two hours.


* Stay-at-home restrictions to relieve from Saturday May 2.

* Up to five members of one household can visit another house from May 10.

* Family picnics and weekend rides are allowed, national parks reopen and people can buy clothes and shoes and buy haircuts

* You can keep your dog off leash as 131 dog parks will reopen gradually

* Citizens must remain within 50 km of their home, and social distance will still be maintained.

* People from the same household can go out together, while singles can spend time with one other person.

* No change in schools until at least May 15, with students continuing to learn remotely where they can.

* “We recognize that Queenslanders have done a great job of smoothing that curve. So we also know that it has a major impact on people’s mental health. We thought we could lift some restrictions for those staying at home, ”said Queensland Prime Minister Annastacia Palaszczuk.


* Corona virus restrictions must be reassessed on May 11 when the state of emergency ends.

* ‘I don’t know what the broadcast will look like this week or next week, but I think the emergency going to May 11 is a nice line-up with the cabinet process for a real look at changing the restrictions , “Chief Health Officer Professor Brett Sutton said.


* Restrictions on closing non-essential northwest stores, which will be lifted on Sunday, have been reduced to at least May 3.

* Most Tasmanian students start remotely on Tuesday with term two, but schools in the Northwest open a week later.

* “I don’t want a shocking response … remove the restrictions too early to bring them back,” said Tasmanian Prime Minister Peter Gutwein.


* From Friday May 1, two adults and their children can visit friends’ homes

* The state government encourages stores to reopen with social distances

* Pupils return to school on May 11 on a schedule. The state government would rather teach full-time in class sooner rather than later


* South Australia does not intend to relax “coronavirus restrictions” soon.

* “In some ways, our restrictions are not as severe as other states and territories,” said South Australian Health Minister Stephen Wade.


* The area has somewhat relaxed restrictions for adult children to visit their parents

* “This is not a race or a competition between jurisdictions. We are excellent here in the ACT, thanks in large part to the great commitment of the community to adhere to the rules of physical distance. However, we have seen around the world what can happen if restrictions are imposed too late or removed too early, “said ACT Chief Minister Andrew Barr.