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The Only Road-Going TVR Speed 12 Ever Made Is Up For Auction


TVR’s lairiest-ever vehicle, the one-off Speed 12, is going under the hammer next month The Speed 12 is the vehicle that was too bonkers even for TVR, a brand name that went far for itself with lunatic-spec devices that were challenging to drive. Then-boss Peter Wheeler is stated to have actually headed out in a model and rapidly chose it was just excessive for the roadway. Too effective, and excessive of a handful. The roadway cars and truck part of the task was appropriately binned, while the GT racing effort didn’t fare far better. The racer was quickly, however undependable. It didn’t stay in the sports racing cars and truck world for especially long. The motorsport program did supply unused bodywork for TVR to finish a one-off road-going Cebera Speed 12, which is the vehicle you see here. The purchaser needed to satisfy Peter Wheeler himself for a vetting procedure – TVR truly didn’t take handing this thing over to a member of the general public gently. And appropriately so – this is a cars and truck that was so effective its 7.7-litre engine apparently snapped the input shaft of a dyno maker. The roadway variation was detuned a bit – a figure of 880bhp is typically offered, although Silverstone Auctions presently puts it at 840bhp. Y’ understand, still rather a lot. It’s a specifically ridiculous figure thinking about that Speed Six-derived system just needs to move around 1000kg of vehicle. The racer’s bodywork was made from carbon kevlar, and below it, there’s, well, not a great deal. The interior is a pared-back, racing car-like offer, and evaluating by onboard videos that have actually been released for many years, TVR didn’t trouble fitting any soundproofing. Shift equipments quick enough (yep, this thing utilizes a six-speed handbook transmission), and 0-60mph will take place in under 3 seconds. When it comes to the leading speed, that was approximated at 240mph, although as far as we understand, nobody’s ever attempted to accomplish that IRL. We get why. The Speed 12 will go under the hammer through Silverstone Auctions at its 20 May sale. There’s no price quote right now, however we can envision it costing a rather big figure. As Silverstone puts it, this represents: “A chance to own an extraordinary and special motor vehicle, completely approved by the marque and coming from persistent enthusiast-ownership.” Let’s hope the owner will utilize the important things, and not conceal it away in a collection as some sort of financial investment piece. Keep those fingers crossed.

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