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The only Arab country in the list of the best 250 hospitals in the world, so who is it?


Israel ranked three in the list, topped by four American hospitals.

Published by Newsweek and World Data Corporation statezaList of the best hospitals In the world, it has classified more than 2,300 hospitals in more than 28 countries.

Four American hospitals came at the top of the list, and then the fifth, the Toronto General Hospital in Canada, followed by the Swedish Karolinska University Hospital and the seventh German Charité Hospital, and the French University Hospital Petit-Salpetriere ranked eighth and the Singapore General Hospital ranked ninth, while the tenth place returned to Ronald Hospital Reagan in Los Angeles, USA.

“Sheba”, “Tel Aviv Sorsky” and “Rabin” Israeli medical centers got the centers: 11, 69 and 178, respectively, in the list that included the classification of 250 hospitals worldwide. As well as the classification of hospitals by country.

For the first time, a Taiwanese hospital enters the list. No Arab hospital institution was included in the list of “250”, except for the Cleveland Clinic Hospital in the UAE, which ranked 199.

Here are the 20 best hospitals in the world among the “250” list.

1- Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota, USA

2- Cleveland Hospital, Ohio, USA

3- Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

4- Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

5- Toronto General Hospital – University Health Network – Canada

6- Karolinska University Hospital, Solna, Sweden

7- Charité University Hospital, Berlin, Germany

8- Pitiers-Salpetriere University Hospital, Paris, France

9- Singapore General Hospital – Singapore

10. Ronald Reagan Medical Center – UCLA Health, Los Angeles, California, USA

11- Sheba Medical Center, Ramat Gan, Israel

12- University Hospital – Zurich – Switzerland

13- Heidelberg University Hospital, Germany

14- University Medical Center, Voodoo, Switzerland

15- University Hospital Basel, Switzerland

16- Stanford Hospital, Stanford, California, USA

17- Hospital University of Tokyo, Japan

18- Brigham and Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

19- Georges Pompidou European Hospital, Paris, France

20- Munich Technical University Hospital, Germany

The evaluation was not only based on medical services provided by hospitals, but also included new treatments and research, and providing the best results for patients.

The report ranked the hospitals of the 28 countries it selected based on several factors, such as standard of living, life expectancy, population, number of hospitals and available data.

Newsweek said the aim of the list was to provide a comparison of hospitals and countries and put it in front of patients and families looking for quality healthcare.

Merry C. Vega is a highly respected and accomplished news author. She began her career as a journalist, covering local news for a small-town newspaper. She quickly gained a reputation for her thorough reporting and ability to uncover the truth.

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