The NZ television station apologizes for Jacinda Ardern breastfeeding message

New Zealand's state broadcaster was forced to apologise to their PM after posting footage of Ardern breastfeeding.

The New Zealand state television network apologized after posting images of breastfeeding by the country's prime minister in public.

The New Zealand television network was attacked on Friday after posting online a video of Jacinda Ardern feeding her newborn Neve in a government announcement.

Ms. Ardern returned to parliament after the maternity leave this week and it was on Friday that she announced the banning of plastic bags for purchase.

After speaking, she moved to the back of the room behind the cameras to feed her daughter, but was filmed by a 1News camera.

The short video was published online and quickly generated a series of complaints and arguments on social networks.

Since then it has been eliminated.

"Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern was discussing the issue of single use plastic bags and that should have been our focus," said a TVNZ spokeswoman.

"We accept the criticism.

Ms. Ardern, 38, became the first world leader to take maternity leave.