The new wireless headset from AKG has noise canceling and ambient aware & # 39; functions

AKG N200

AKG has unveiled four new sets of wireless headphones at IFA, complete with some smart technology that allows you to listen to your music as well as monitor sounds from the environment around you.

If you're looking for a pair of high-quality over-ear headphones, then the AKG N700NC might be for you, with adaptive noise reduction that can be turned on or off at the touch of a button.

AKG promises these headphones to have first-class sound – by nature – and "perfect conversations & # 39; and "talk-through" features that allow you to make phone calls with impressive clarity and without annoying echoes.

The headset weighs 270g, and AKG says they'll offer you 23 hours of listening pleasure with a single charge.

Magnetic wonders

Then there is the AKG N200 – a set of in-ear headphones that benefit from magnetic earplugs and a quality fabric cable that should (hopefully) not be happy. At the front of the audio, it promises enhanced sound-chops with Apt-x and AAC audio support, and it delivers eight hours of music playback time via Bluetooth.

AKG Y100

Another in-ear pair, the AKG Y100 (pictured above), should be offered alongside the Y500 (below), the latter of which is an on-ear affair. Both are built for sustainability and benefit from ambient awareness & # 39; technology that can boost your level of environmental awareness at the push of a button, allowing you to hear real world sounds around you.

AKG Y500

The Y100 gives you eight hours of wireless Bluetooth playback and AKG claims that the Y500 needs no less than 33 hours.

Another useful touch for the Y500 is that the playback is automatically paused when the headphones are pulled out, and when you put them back, the music continues where you left off.

How much are you going to put these back? AKG does not say at this stage, nor is there a timetable for a release date, but these details need to be announced soon.

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