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Google launches a new website that & # 39;Recover togetherThat gathers resources for recovering addiction in the United States. The site contains sources based on Google Maps for sources such as recovery support meetings and pharmacies that offer Naloxon without a prescription – it is a drug that can be used to control opioid overdoses. The new site is linked under the search bar on Google's most valuable real estate: the homepage.

The company says it cooperates with the Hub for recovery resources to fill in the cards. Controlled sources are especially important in rehabilitation, where scams can run rampant. Google itself had to deal with those problems in 2017, when we reported on how rampant scams were in Google's own search results. Google reacted harshly and banned many rehab ads, although it allowed us to go back to the Google homepage from April 2018.

The new page that Google is launching today contains no ads, but provides basic information about recovery, treatment, and prevention – with links to trusted sources.

A search for rehab sources in San Francisco on the new Google site

Previously, Google refused to place anything but a logo, a search box and a button or two on its homepage. That has changed in recent years, but a promotion on the homepage is still rare enough to stand out. Google says a link to its new site will appear under the search box. It says it is being launched in honor of the 30th annual National recovery month.


Even if the site is partially (or even mostly) intended as a PR move to make up for how much it gets scammed by scammers in 2017, it still seems like a good starting point for people seeking help with addiction. It is certainly more useful than a Google search for & # 39; rehab & # 39; with which from this writing three or four ads appear at the top of the actual search results.