The new Versa 2 from Fitbit has an OLED screen and Alexa speech support

Fitbit has announced the Versa 2, and it is a major step forward in the company's search for a smartwatch that you can confuse with an Apple Watch for at least a few seconds. The glass on the face of the Versa 2 runs elegantly over the sides, the number of side buttons has been reduced from three to one and fewer complications on the dials give it a premium look. Fitbit also (finally) lost its logo on the lower ring.


Inevitable comparisons aside, the Versa 2 seems to bring more than enough improvements and functions to distinguish it from Fitbit & # 39; s previous efforts, as well as other recent smart watches. It is $ 199.99, the same price as its predecessor and it has a new OLED screen as the most noticeable improvement. It is clear, vivid and the large edges that surround it are more difficult to notice than on the original Versa & # 39; s LCD screen, but only if you use a face with a black background that hides it (most by Fitbit dials made do that).

Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge

Fitbit says that the Versa 2 should last at least five days per charge, which is a small but welcome improvement on the four-day lifespan of the previous model. Something that will shorten the battery life is the new Always-On Display mode, which allows you to see a clear, monochromatic image of the time, remaining battery life and progress on a few essential readings, such as steps taken, without first raise your arm up. The Apple Watch and most other smartwatches require that you raise your arm or tap a button to turn on the screen. It is impressive that it can probably take several days if you do not want to give this screen a break.

By removing two side buttons from the previous Versa, Fitbit wants you to use the touchscreen of the Versa 2 more to communicate with the watch. But it also hopes that you can use your voice because you will find Amazon Alexa support and a microphone on this model. You can activate Alexa by & # 39; Hey, Alexa & # 39; or by assigning the function to start when you hold down the only button on the Versa 2. If you are confused about not hearing Alexa & # 39; s voice, it is not because it did not respond; the Versa 2 has no speaker, so you must look at the screen to see an answer to your questions. Android users can respond to texts with voice commands shortly after the launch of the Versa 2.

Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge

If you are someone aboard the contactless payment train, you will be happy to know that NFC is standard delivered on the Versa 2, so this time you don't have to pay for a special edition with.

The Versa 2 has a number of features in common with the original Versa, such as the heart rate sensor and water resistance to a depth of 50 meters. In addition, the Versa 2 is compatible with all belts released for the original Versa. Unfortunately, like the first Versa, the second generation watch still doesn't have a built-in GPS, so you have to lug your phone if you want to log your running and walking.

Fitbit used this announcement to introduce two additional new features to the app in September. First is the sleep score, a collected score that is compiled by billing your activities and your total time spent on sleep, including the amount of time in each sleep phase (light, REM, deep). Fitbit started testing this product last year, but it will soon be officially released for the Versa 2 and all other Fitbit devices that use a heart rate sensor.


The other is Smart Wake, an intelligent alarm clock that finds the best time to wake you up, depending on your sleeping habits. It won't wake you up in the middle of a recovering deep sleep, but it can wake you up 30 minutes before you are scheduled if the app determines that it is a moment when you wake up and are well rested.

Image: Fitbit

Together with the Versa 2, Fitbit also announced the Aria Air, a smart scale that is considerably cheaper than most other models, including its own Aria 2 scale. It is $ 49.95, a price that Fitbit believes more people will come on board.

This works just like previous models, although the possibilities are limited. It connects to your phone via Bluetooth instead of sending results via Wi-Fi to Fitbit and it can track the weight and body mass index (BMI). The Aria 2 costs $ 80 more than the Aria Air. If you're okay with a scale that doesn't look or feel premium and can't follow a body fat percentage, which is a pretty important statistic for some people, this cheap scale might fit well.

The Fitbit Versa 2 is now available for pre-order for $ 199.95 and will appear on September 15. A special edition of $ 229.95 is released the same day and has two straps (one silicone, one woven) and a 90-day trial version for Fitbit Premium.

The Aria Air starts in September with presale and will be released in October.

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