The new Ultra blasters from Nerf shoot further than ever before – but there's a catch

The next time you get a Nerf arrow linked, it can be an incredible 120 feet – because Hasbro & # 39; s new Ultra One blaster, comes from October 1 for $ 49.99, offering ranges we've never seen from an unmodified blaster thanks to a completely redesigned arrow with new stabilizing fins.


It could be the most important change in Nerf blasters in years, because reach has always been a limiting factor in Nerf wars. When Nerf introduced the "Elite" arrow with its 75-foot range in 2012 and its 90-foot Elite XD * blasters in 2014, players attempted to gain an advantage over their enemies whose arrows didn't go that far.

But the new blasters come under the grass with a snake: DRM for darts, it sounds like! "If the blaster detects an incompatible arrow in the drum, it will not fire and jump to the next room," writes The Wall Street Journal. A Hasbro director told the publication that existing darts were just too easy to copy and that patents have been applied for on the new Ultra foam.

That can annoy the Nerf community, because it could increase the effective price of a Nerf war. At the moment you can buy hundreds of knock-off Nerf Elite darts for just a few dollars online and use them in dozens of different blasters from both Hasbro and competitors, while it costs $ 10 to get only 20 of these new Ultra darts.

The low prices and interoperability of Elite darts allowed event organizers to offer a large box of ammunition to players who bring them back at the end of the day – instead of having each person bring their own ammunition and fight over which darts belong to which people. the end of every game.

On the other hand, it was not necessary Which longing for third parties to copy Nerf's ultra-soft Rival "high-impact round" balls, which seemed quite new at the time. Well, there is a prominent ad for the well-known "HeadShot Ammo" knock-off right on Hasbro & # 39; s official Amazon list for the Ultra One!

It will be difficult for Nerfers to ignore drastically improved ranges, DRM or not. If the new darts are good, the community will find a way.


* Elite XD was not a new type of dart, but rather a slight improvement in range with some blasters. You might also be wondering about Nerf's 70 miles per hour claims for his Rival line with regard to range – the answer is that Rival balls have more air resistance and generally don't shoot that far despite speed.

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