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The new Samsung Sero TV can rotate vertically for your TikTok and Instagram videos

There is probably no clearer indication that vertical video should stay here than Samsung who makes a TV designed to present it. And that is exactly what happened. The company has announced that the Sero, a 43-inch 4K TV that can switch from landscape mode (standard) to portrait mode, is coming to the US and other global markets. So you can view Instagram stories, TikTok videos, Snapchat content and the portrait video recordings of your camera roll on a relatively large screen – without horrific black boxing on the left and right.

The Sero originally debuted in Korea, but this year it will hit the state and elsewhere in the west. It used to be a concept, but Samsung clearly thinks there is something in this idea that is worth it worldwide.

Sero in both landscape and portrait mode.
Images: Samsung (two marketing images combined)

To realize its smart rotary design, the Sero has an integrated, non-removable stand with a 4.1-channel 60-watt speaker system on the inside. This standard offers sufficient vertical free space to prevent the TV from touching the floor when it is converted into a portrait.

Owners of a Galaxy phone can tap the frame of the Sero with their device to immediately start mirroring the screen. iPhone users must use the included remote control to manually switch the screen to portrait, but full support for AirPlay 2 is included.

The Sero is definitely not the most impressive TV from Samsung when it comes to image quality and specifications. It is a 4K screen with QLED color, which is fine for many, but it is edge-lit and lacks full-array dimming locally. But it does need to be technically the best if it has this unique party trick?

That said, a 43-inch TV is not suitable for everyone. If you have a spacious living room (or if you don’t care about vertical video), you are better off with one of the company’s standard QLED sets, which are available in much larger sizes, or something from another brand such as TCL, Vizio, LG or Sony. But for a tight living room or a small apartment, the Sero can be very logical.

However, prices and availability are not yet announced.

Lifestyle TV

The Sero is Samsung’s newest addition to its line of lifestyle TVs with the Serif, designed to blend with the aesthetics of your living room, and The Frame, which shows illustrations when no video content is being played.

The Serif is now available in three sizes: 43, 49 and 55 inches. It also gets AirPlay 2 support and has an NFC tag for easy pairing with your Android phone.

The frame now also comes in new 75, 50 and 32-inch sizes. Samsung says it has an improved art store with a better curation. The store continues to cost $ 4.99 a month and offers access to ‘thousands’ of artwork. The frame contains a motion sensor that can turn off the display when you leave the room, and it can also be set to turn off when the lights go out.