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The new PS5 controller is now called Access controller | -WhatsNew2Day


Earlier this year, Sony revealed Project Leonardo for the PS5, which is dedicated to people with special needs, and today She returned To fully announce the new controller, which will be called the Access controller.

lonliness Access controller The new game aims to help players with disabilities play games more easily and comfortably. According to information shared through the official PlayStation blog, the new console is a highly customizable set of controls with a wide range of interchangeable buttons and stick caps that allow players to create different button distributions that suit their range of motion.

This new console can be used on a flat surface, in a 360-degree position, or mounted to an AMPS or tripod.

The Access controller will contain:

  • Analog stick caps (standard, stick and ball cap)
  • Button covers in different shapes and sizes
  • Pillow button covers
  • Flat button covers
  • Wide flat button cover (covers a button socket)
  • Overlapping button covers (which are useful for players with smaller hands as they are placed closer to the center)
  • Curve button covers (which can be pushed if placed along the top or pulled if placed along the bottom of the controller)
  • Interchangeable button cap tabs for players to easily identify which inputs they associate with each button

The new console will also include four 3.5mm AUX ports, which will allow gamers to add their own keys, buttons or analogue sticks.

It will also have a fully customizable UI on PS5 devices, allowing users to map their own buttons and control profiles.

There will also be a so-called “Switch Mode” that will allow players to hold down a button similar to the Caps Lock button. This will be useful for players who find it physically difficult to press the button for a long time, such as the acceleration button in racing games.

Also, Sony revealed a set of new images of the final look of the Access controller for the PS5, which can be seen above.

So far, no release date has been set for the new unit, but we expect this to be the first reveal in preparation for the full disclosure during the upcoming PlayStation event next week. Where we expect to see the new unit in action in addition to announcing the release date.

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