Sydneysiders can play cricket or watch an outdoor movie right next to the WestConnex tailpipes when 10 acres of open space are created on the new Rozelle Interchange.

The government has unveiled the final designs for Rozelle Parklands, which will include two playing fields – suitable for junior AFL, rugby, cricket, football and other sports – as well as a pond, landscaped gardens, barbecues and playgrounds.

An artist’s impression of an open-air cinema in the future Rozelle Parklands.Credit:NSW government

City Secretary Rob Stokes said the park would “heal a scar that has separated Sydney’s CBD from the inner west”, and “complete a missing piece of our vision of the best harbor walk in the world, linking all the way from Sydney to Parramatta”.

Prime Minister Dominic Perrottet, who will lead the announcement on Monday, said the Rozelle project was a rare opportunity to return disused former industrial land in the heart of the city to the local community.

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He said the amount of new park was the size of 12 football pitches and would create “one of the largest open green spaces in central Sydney”.

The park runs along what is now the City West Link, near the corner of The Crescent, where three giant exhaust pipes are already under construction. The site used to be the Rozelle Yard, part of Sydney’s freight rail network.

An artist’s impression of the new Rozelle Parklands, a 10-hectare site that will be realized above the underground tunnel junction.Credit:NSW government

Underneath will be a spaghetti junction of tunnels connecting WestConnex to the M4-M5 Link, the Anzac Bridge and Victoria Road – as well as the future Western Harbor Tunnel and Beaches Link.

Government-disclosed designs show people watching a movie in a temporary open-air cinema, playing cricket or shopping in markets right next to the smoke stacks, which are covered in green and twisted steel in a major public artwork by Sydney architect and designer Chris Vos.