The new Mac Pro from Apple will be assembled in China, not in the US.

Apple & # 39; s new Mac Pro will be built in China, unlike the previous model that has been assembled at a factory in Austin, Texas since 2013, according to The Wall Street Journal.


The vast majority of Apple products are made in China, so it is not entirely surprising to see Apple relocating production abroad. But it comes at a tense moment, as the tech industry sees the prospect of 25 percent tariffs on imports from China, and may have political implications for a company that has regularly called on President Trump not to make products in the US.

When Apple announced its previous generation of the Mac Pro, it had major problems with the fact that the computer would be assembled in the US. Prior to the announcement, Apple CEO Tim Cook said it was something Apple had been working on "for a long time." "We are really proud of it," he said.

But the training and custom tools needed to make the Mac Pro & # 39; s slowed production and caused bottlenecks when there was a lot of demand. When Apple left out the Mac Pro by not updating it with new parts, production in the US and the Journal reports that the Texas plant has largely moved to building products for other companies.

Apple seems to have been planning to move the assembly of the new Mac Pro to China for years. Bloomberg reported in 2016 that the production challenges that American production is experiencing cause engineers to want to go back so that they have access to cheaper and more advanced production options available there.

Apple told it diary that the new Mac Pro will still have some US-made components and that it will support production in 30 US states with its spending on suppliers. "Final assembly is only part of the production process," said an Apple spokesperson.

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