The new island of Fortnite has already changed, just in time for Halloween

Earlier this month, the whole Fortnite Island was sucked into a black hole and replaced with a completely new location, erasing two years of history in the process. But a few weeks later it is new Fortnite island is already changing. It becomes ghostly.


The Battle Royale game has been updated for Halloween with an event developer featuring Epic & # 39; Fortnitemares & # 39; calls. Parts of the map have once again been flooded with hordes of undead. However, this time the monsters spawn from a very specific location. A small island in the middle of the Fortnite The map is now called the Isle of the Storm and is covered with giant purple crystals. Each has winding tentacles, which produce zombies until you destroy them. It is the first major change on the new island and just like last year it adds a fun new element to the game.

Along with the monsters comes a new game mode: a squad-based battle where players must work together to bring down a huge creature called the Storm King, all while dealing with waves of undead. It's a tiring experience, but at least it comes with some nice rewards, including huge XP boosts and a nice dark crystal umbrella. (There are also many Halloween cosmetics for sale and a number of existing skins have received new spooky options for free.)

Fortitemares runs until November 4, so you have all the rewards free until then. After it is over, the currently zombized island is likely to return to normal – although this event demonstrates that Epic is still open to changing its new island, even in the aftermath of the infamous black hole.