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Last year, Google introduced the handy ".new" shortcuts for Google Docs, Presentations and Spreadsheets, so you can do something like " # 39; In the URL bar of your browser and a new G Suite document of that kind would open in a new tab. You may soon see many other websites using .new shortcuts. Google announced today that you can register a .new domain for your own online shortcut.


A number of companies have .new shortcuts that are now live, such as those from Spotify, with which you can create a new Spotify playlist. Bitly, Canva, Coda, Medium, OVO Sound, RunKit, Stripe and Webex also have shortcuts.

Anyone can submit a request to register a .new domain from December 2, and Google tells The edge that Google Registry allocates the first batch of domains from those applicants in January 2020. Google's policy says however, a .new domain must direct the user directly to the shortcut or action. If this is not the case, the domain can be suspended or deleted by Google Registry.

If you own a trademark and want to close the .new domain before it, you can register between now and January 14, 2020. Google tells us that in 2020 anyone can register .new domains without applying. Prices for .new domains depend on the registrar partner with whom you purchase the domain, depending on the company.

I like .new shortcuts for G Suite, so I'm looking forward to shortcuts that others think of. A complete list of shortcuts for G Suite is compiled below: