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The new free football game UFL is getting extended videos to explain the gameplay features


UFL (Ultimate Football League) is a free football simulation game whose main goal is to provide a realistic gaming experience for football fans. Developed by a development team Strikerz Incand is scheduled to be released this year on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

The game developers shared with us several long videos dedicated to the UFL game, showing many gameplay clips and some important explanations of what we will find, as the team talked about the various features that were designed to make it more distinctive, as the developer discussed his strong desire to make the game as realistic as possible.

For example, the course of the match as in real life will be affected by many factors. Because of that, even the strongest goalkeeper will be able to receive the ball, and any player can sometimes do something amazing. Hence, such cases will not happen in the game where any situation wins 100%, which is why everyone uses different positions.

Note: Please enable Arabic subtitles in the videos.

The UFL soccer game will have several features that aim to make it unique and interesting. Focus has been placed on providing a realistic gaming experience as much as possible, in terms of player shapes and movement systems, and many factors affect the course of the match, such as the weather, terrain, and the individual skills of the players. Designed in collaboration with some of the football stars, the match scenarios are varied and unpredictable, where any player can pull off great moves and even the best goalkeeper can concede a goal.

The new UFL game will offer the ability to create private football teams based on more than 5,000 football players who will be licensed by FIFA with the use of player rights, and will be provided with continuous updates, by cooperating with the company InStatIt is concerned with analyzing and collecting data on all matches in order to accurately present the results of players’ performance based on their studies on the ground.

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