The new electric motorcycle concept from BMW is a new vision for the future

BMW has been working steadily over the past few years on an electric motorcycle, and this week it showed a renewed vision of what that motorcycle might ultimately look like. As part of a series of announcements related to the company's new impetus to accelerate its electrification plans, BMW revealed the & # 39; Motorrad Vision DC Roadster & # 39 ;, a concept for an electric motorcycle that is as close to the road as possible as almost everything the company has shown before.


In a real concept form, the company has not released any specifications and has not said if and when it will be a real motorcycle that people can buy. But it's one of the most grounded takes on a BMW electric motorcycle to date.

The road from the German racing driver to an electric motorcycle actually started with the release of the reasonably practical C Evolution electric motor scooter in 2014. Over the coming years, the C Evolution (which is in fact the size of a motorcycle) ) eventually upgraded enough that it offered 100 miles range per load and a top speed of 80 miles per hour. With a retail price of almost $ 14,000, however, the C Evolution was not much more than a limited-run test bed for the electric future of the BMW Motorrad division.

But it is clear that BMW wants to do bigger and better things with an electric motorcycle. In 2016, BMW went all out with the Vision Motorrad Next 100 concept bike, which looked like it came straight out of the set of a superhero movie. And in 2017, BMW showed the Motorrad Concept Link, which looked like a more futuristic version of the C Evolution.

That brings us back to the new Motorrad Vision DC Roadster. It is a very stylized bicycle, but it also seems that you can now buy from a dealer (with a lot of money). When you squint, you can see that BMW has taken on a number of ideas from its more bizarre electric motorcycle concepts and crammed them into this new vision of the future, and they have gained a little more purpose. For example, the excessive gills or "ribs" found on the Motorrad Next 100 are back, but in more moderate amounts. BMW says these will help cool the battery pack.

The motorcycle is of course also bathed in the distinctive colors of BMW. In total, it seems as if BMW says with the Motorrad Vision DC Roadster: "Hey, we know that we have gone pretty far with our motorcycle concepts in recent years, so here's a taste of what we really want to make." a concept bike that appeals to earlier BMW designs, and the idea of ​​a BMW motorcycle doesn't go that far that diehards won't buy it. It is not clear when the company will put a real electric motorcycle on the road, but because BMW has announced that it is moving the electrification plans increase by two years, there is a chance that it will be sooner than later.


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