The new Connect subscription from T-Mobile costs $ 15 per month with 2 GB of data

T-Mobile has announced a new T-Mobile Connect plan that is now the cheapest plan the provider offers: $ 15 per month for unlimited calling, SMS & # 39; and 2 GB of data.


That price includes access to 5G data, although you will probably burn out that 2 GB fairly quickly on 5G. There is also a $ 25 per month subscription that offers 5 GB of data. Use that allocation, however, and you'll have to pay for more (instead of falling to lower speeds, what happens with the "unlimited" plans).

To mitigate the deal, T-Mobile also says that every year you have the plan, it adds at least five years 500 MB to your monthly fee. (So ​​after the first year you have 2.5 GB of data per month; after two years this is 3 GB per month; etc.) In addition, T-Mobile promises that the price for these plans will not change for at least five years.

The new plans – together with the other goodwill initiatives T-Mobile announced today – is part of the company's efforts to try to get some support for the ongoing merger with Sprint.