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The most unusually designed restaurants

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There are some restaurants that take their design so seriously, it’s hard to believe that they’re actually functional. From upside-down houses to restaurants with swings for seats, these establishments will make you do a double take. Hungry? Check out the most unusually designed restaurants around the world!

The upside-down restaurant in Taipei, Taiwan

Imagine dining in a restaurant where the waiters are suspended from the ceiling and the restaurant chairs are upside down. That’s exactly what you’ll find at the Modern Toilet restaurant in Taipei, Taiwan. This unique eatery offers an unconventional dining experience, with upside-down furniture and toilet-themed decor. The menu features dishes that resemble various toiletry items, such as “poo” shaped chocolates and ice cream served in miniature toilet bowls. Despite its unusual concept, the restaurant is extremely popular, often attracting long lines of curious diners.

The mirror maze restaurant in Shanghai, China

The mirror maze restaurant in Shanghai, China is a truly unique dining experience. Located in the middle of a busy shopping district, the restaurant is made up of a series of interconnected mirrors. As you make your way through the maze, you catch glimpses of other diners enjoying their meals. But be careful not to bump into anyone- the mirrors create an infinite number of reflections, making it easy to lose your bearings. The experience is both disorienting and mesmerizing, and it’s sure to leave you with memories that will last a lifetime.

The underwater restaurant in Maldives

The underwater restaurant in the Maldives is a popular tourist destination. The restaurant is located in an underwater cave, and guests can watch the fish swimming while they enjoy their meals. The restaurant offers a wide variety of seafood, as well as a few vegetarian options. The menu changes daily, depending on what the chef can catch. The underwater restaurant is open for lunch and dinner, and reservations are recommended. Guests can also purchase tickets for a glass-bottom boat tour, which takes them to see the reef and the fish up close. The tour lasts about an hour, and guests can purchase souvenirs from the gift shop afterward.

The tree-house restaurant in Singapore

The Treehouse restaurant in Singapore is an amazing place to eat and drink while enjoying stunning views of the cityscape. The restaurant is high up in a tree, and guests can enjoy panoramic skyline views while dining on gourmet cuisine. The menu features both local and international dishes, and there is something to suit every taste. The Treehouse is also a great place to enjoy a drink or two, as the cocktails are expertly mixed and there is an extensive wine list.

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The snow igloo restaurant in Finland

The snow igloo restaurant in Finland is a unique dining experience that is not to be missed. Set amidst the beautiful winter landscape, the restaurant offers stunning views of the surrounding snow-covered hills and forests. The igloos are made entirely of snow and ice, and the menu features traditional Finnish dishes such as reindeer meatballs and salmon soup. Guests can also enjoy a selection of locally-produced wines and beers. The snow igloo restaurant is open from December to April, and reservations are essential.

The airplane fuselage restaurant in the UAE

The airplane fuselage restaurant in the UAE is a one-of-a-kind dining experience. The restaurant is located inside an actual airplane fuselage, and guests are served by waiters and hostesses dressed as flight attendants. The menu features a wide variety of international dishes, and the decor is designed to replicate the interior of a plane. The airplane fuselage restaurant is a popular destination for tourists and locals, providing a unique and memorable dining experience.

Les Bains in Paris, France

Les-Bains was once a celebrated Parisian nightclub, and it has been reborn as an equally impressive restaurant. RDAI was tasked with creating a space that would honor the building’s rich history while also providing a modern dining experience. They achieved this by preserving the Art Deco interior and adding luxurious finishes. The result is a truly unique setting that mixes old-world charm with contemporary sophistication. The menu at Les-Bains is just as refined as the decor, with classic French dishes given an inventive twist.

Pink Moon Saloon in Adelaide, Australia

If you’re ever in Adelaide, Australia, be sure to check out the Pink Moon Saloon. This unique restaurant is unlike any other, thanks to its unique design. The building is made entirely of pink concrete, and the interior is decorated with brightly-colored furniture and artwork. The result is a fun and funky space that’s sure to impress. And if the looks aren’t enough to lure you in, the food definitely will be. The menu features a variety of delicious dishes, all of which are served with a side of good vibes.

It’s fascinating to see the different types of restaurants that have popped up in recent years, each trying to outdo the other with its unique and innovative concepts. These six restaurants are just a sampling of the amazing and eclectic places you can eat around the world. Have you been to any of these restaurants? What was your experience like? Let us know in the comments below!

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