The most popular takeaway in your city revealed


Deliveroo has unveiled its most popular dishes in the UK, with Londoners opting for a Five Guys cheeseburger, while those in Birmingham prefer a margherita pizza from Neapolitan chain Rudy’s.

As we prepare to emerge from a long year of lockdowns where Britons experimented with different cuisines, on-demand home deliveries and TikTok food craze, Deliveroo has unveiled the most ordered dishes of the past three months to reveal what the people from Great Britain have tucked in and ordered at the touch of a button.

Sophisticated gourmets in Nottingham and Cambridge ordered poke bowls more than any other dish, while the most popular meal in Scunthorpe was sausage rolls from Aldi.

city Dish Restaurant
Aberdeen Burrito Fresh Mex
Aberystwyth Cod and chips Express Fish & Chips
Aylesbury Milkshakes The works
Bangor Boneless banquet KFC
Basildon Sesame chicken strips with home fries Friday
Basingstoke GBK Cheddar Cheese & Bacon Gourmet Burger Kitchen
Bad pad Thai Thaikhun
Birmingham Margherita Rudy’s Pizza
Blackburn Yogurt Frurt Frozen yogurt
Blackpool Garlic Pizza Bread Frankie & Benny’s
Bognor Regis Cod and chips Royals Fish And Chips
Bournemouth Chicken wrap Roosters Piri Piri
Brighton Margherita Fatto a Mano
Bristol Falafel in a box Eat a Pitta
Cambridge Salmon Come Ahi Poke
Cardiff Quesadilla Cravings Box Taco Bell
Chester Salt and pepper box The Slowboat Restaurant
Chichester Chicken Katsu Curry Kokoro
Coventry Milk Chocolate Cookie Dough Creams
Derby Bacon Double Cheese XL Meal burger King
Dundee The original German Doner Kebab German Doner Kebab
Durham American citizen Fat hippo
Edinburgh pad Thai Ting Thai Caravan
Exeter Sushi Sharer YO! Sushi
Glasgow Punk up your pizza Pizza Punks
Gloucester Cheeseburger Five men
Guildford Pita Yeeros Chicken Meat the Greek
Hertford Sausage batter The deep fryer
Inverness Rustica Margherita Zizzi
Ipswich Great Cheesy Lee Burger Love your burger
Lancaster Bananas 5 pcs ALDI
Leeds Baos Little Bao boy
Leicester Belgian Milk Chocolate Dipped Strawberries Chocoberry
Lincoln Bang Bang Cauliflower (VG) Wagamama
Liverpool Steak Poutine Caribou Poutine
London Cheeseburger Five men
Loughborough Queen Margherita Peter Pizzeria
Manchester Civicism Meal Civicism
Middlesbrough Lobster Spaghetti Fellinis
Newcastle Chicken Gyros Acropolis Street Food – STACK
Norwich Burrito El Mexicana
Nottingham Design your own bowl Pokewaves
Oxford Grilled Chicken Burrito tortilla
Plymouth Cheesy chips Jake’s
Portsmouth Regular milkshakes Shake and grill
Reading Fair + chips Fair burgers
Scunthorpe sausage Rolls ALDI
Sheffield Baconator Burger Slap and Pickle @ The Teller
St. Andrews Salmon Avocado CombiniCo.
Swansea Cod & chips Monni’s Fish Bar

Elsewhere, those in Norwich, Aberdeen and Oxford ordered more than anything burritos, while those in Leicester, Portsmouth and Coventry all ordered more than anything else desserts.

Bristolians have kept it green, with Eat a Pitta falafel being the top delivery choice. Lincoln folks have also opted for more vegan fare this lockdown, with Bang Bang Cauliflower securing the top spot in town.

What did British people order in lockdown?

Compared to 2020, Deliveroo saw a 111% increase in fresh flower orders on Mother’s Day in 2021, with London ordering the most, followed by Cambridge and Welwyn Garden City.

Data showed that Brits left it to the last minute to grab their Easter eggs as Deliveroo saw a 450% YOY increase in Easter Egg orders.

In January, Deliveroo reported a massive increase in demand for vegan food, with plant-based orders up 163% from the previous year. In the first week of January 2021, the number of searches for ‘vegan’ food in the app increased by 153% compared to the month before, when Brits in lockdown took Veganuary.

In contrast, while Liverpudlians ordered more vegan food in the first lockdown, Steak Poutine was the best takeaway this time around.

Deliveroo’s data showed that people from Bath and Edinburgh are still big fans of Thai food, with the main takeaway being a Pad Thai.

In Newcastle and Guildford, customers dreamed of the Mediterranean, with locals ordering more Greek food than any other cuisine.

Middlesbrough customers left in lockdown 3.0, this time switching from ordering cheeseburgers in the first lockdown to Lobster Spaghetti.

Deliveroo also revealed that they have a 188 percent increase in Mochi orders placed between January and March, as Japanese dessert took the internet by storm, while orders from Chinese restaurants also increased 176 percent.

It comes like Foodhub has revealed that Birmingham has ordered more takeaways than anywhere else in the UK – the title of the UK’s takeout capital.

The nationwide survey found that nearly one in ten people in the city orders take-out meals every day during the lockdown, while more than half order take-out meals 2-5 times a week during the lockdown period.

Nationally, the most popular takeaway ordered during the lockdown was Chinese food with pizza in second place, followed by the classic English dish – fish & chips.

Foodhub spokesperson Wil Chung told FEMAIL: “Lockdown saw a big increase in takeout orders and fast food deliveries due to the closure of restaurants and pubs.

In fact, as a nation, we have ordered so many takeout meals in the past year that many of us (42%) are now on first name with our delivery drivers.

When it comes to ordering a food frenzy, customers clearly love sticking to their favorite takeout food – nearly three quarters of people (69%) said they haven’t tried new takeout kitchens during shutdown and just kept ordering some they know and love. ‘

It comes as takeout giant Just Eat has revealed that Britons trapped in lockdown ordered a total of 64 million meals through the company in the first three months of 2021.

The company said order numbers in all of its markets are up 79 percent in the past three months as lockdown measures have fueled demand from home-bound customers.

The Just Eat group told investors Tuesday morning that it processed approximately 200 million orders worldwide in the first quarter of 2021.

The company – created by the £ 6.2 billion merger between Just Eat and Dutch rival Takeaway last year – said growth was particularly strong in the UK market.

Foodhub has revealed that Birmingham has ordered more takeaways than anywhere else in the UK - the title of the UK's takeout capital.

Foodhub has revealed that Birmingham has ordered more takeaways than anywhere else in the UK - the title of the UK's takeout capital.

Foodhub has revealed that Birmingham has ordered more takeaways than anywhere else in the UK – the title of the UK’s takeout capital.

Just Eat UK processed 64 million orders in the quarter, up 96 percent from the same period of 2020.

It said it was boosted by signing deals with chains such as Leon, Tortilla and Chipotle, as well as Starbucks and Costa coffee brands, to add to its portfolio of restaurants.

Looking at data from across the country for the past decade, accounting for more than a million orders, Just Eat revealed that pizza has been the most ordered dish since 2017, rising in 2020 to no less than 19 percent of all Just Eat orders.

Earlier this month, Just Eat revealed what was the most popular takeaway in each region

Earlier this month, Just Eat revealed what was the most popular takeaway in each region

Earlier this month, Just Eat revealed what was the most popular takeaway in each region

First place missed the Chinese takeaway, which topped the polls from 2011 to 2016.

Dishes from Chinese restaurants were also most popular in Southern England last year, with the top spot in London, the South East and South West, while Indian food was the most ordered cuisine in Scotland and the third most ordered nationally.

Meanwhile, the number of vegan food orders has risen by a whopping 119 percent year over year, with popularity rising more than 2,900 percent since 2015.

The top 10 cities in the UK that have ordered takeout during shutdown

Top 10 UK cities that ordered the most takeaways during lockdown according to FoodHub

1. Birmingham

2. Aberystwyth

3. Belfast

4. Manchester

5. Cardiff


7. London

8. Bristol

9. Liverpool

10. Glasgow

Britain’s top 5 takeaway during lockdown

1. Chinese – 16%

2. Pizza – 15%

3. Fish & Chips – 13%

4. Curry – 9%

5. Hamburgers – 5%