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The most important upcoming series in June 2023


The month of June is full of strong and upcoming series, whether well-established series with new seasons, or completely new upcoming series, or others that look very promising. This month, we’ll be sailing through iconic sci-fi stories with the highly anticipated sixth season of Black MirrorAnd we return to the series of the Marvel Cinematic Universe with the first season of Secret InvasionWe bid farewell to Henry Cavill in his last performance as Geralt in Season 3 of the series The Witcherand we return to the world of the walking dead with Negan and Maggie on their journey to find her son in the The Walking Dead: Dead Cityand we conclude series that we have loved over the long seasons, such as Outlander And Manifest.

Read on to find out the most important upcoming series coming in June 2023, their release dates, and the services that will show them!

Limited series The Days

  • Release date: June 1
  • Genre: Drama – Historical – Thriller
  • Streaming service: Netflix

We start the month with a series The Days Based on the real events of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant accident, which almost led to a nuclear disaster in Japan in 2011, after a devastating earthquake and the resulting tsunami. Based on rigorous research, the series tells the events from 3 different perspectives: government, corporate organizations, and the people on the scene who risk their lives. This story seeks to answer the question, “What happened that day?” Based on the true events of seven stressful days.

Part 2 season 4 of Manifest

  • Release date: June 2
  • Genre: Drama – Mystery – Science Fiction
  • Streaming service: Netflix

series returns Manifest In its last episodes, after a long wait, which will finally reveal to us what happened to the passengers of Flight 828, which mysteriously disappeared for 5 years without a single day passing by. After Netflix showed the first part of the fourth and final season, consisting of 10 episodes, on November 4 of last year, we will complete the highly anticipated final ten episodes after 7 long months, specifically on June 2.

Season 1 of The Lazarus Project

  • Release date: June 4th
  • Genre: Action – Drama – Fantasy
  • Streaming service: TNT

George finds himself back in the same day: July 1, 2019, where he gets stuck in a time loop that keeps taking him back to this date, and discovers the existence of a secret group known as “Project Lazarus”, a team of agents who prevent a global catastrophe by resetting time. George joins them, but when a personal disaster strikes and they refuse to reset the time for him, he defects and hatches a plan that could lead to the destruction of the planet.

Season 2 of Cruel Summer

  • Release date: June 5th
  • Genre: Drama – Mystery – Thriller
  • Streaming service: freeformAmazon

After popular young woman Kate Willis disappears one day, out of town Janet transforms from cute and eccentric to the most popular in town. Set over 3 summers through shifting perspectives that defy comprehension, the series follows how one girl goes from popular to the most hated person in America.

Season 5 of The Handmaid’s Tale

  • Release date: June 6th
  • Genre: Drama – Science Fiction – Thriller
  • Streaming service: Hulu

series returns The Handmaid’s Tale In its penultimate fifth season, which continues the story of John, a fertile woman who is forced to live as a concubine to an officer and his wife in the ruined community of Gilead, formerly known as the United States. Which, while she is forced to agree to their strict rules and conditions, lives for one goal: to survive and to find her daughter who was taken from her.

Season 2 of La Brea

  • Release date: June 6th
  • Genre: Drama – Mystery – Science Fiction
  • Streaming service: Paramount+ – NBC

When a massive sinkhole mysteriously opens in the middle of Los Angeles, a family is torn in half, separating mother and son from father and daughter. When part of the family finds themselves in an unexplainable, primal world, along with a disparate group of strangers, they must work to survive and unravel the mystery of their whereabouts and if there is a way back home.

Season 1 of Based on a true story

  • Release date: June 8th
  • Genre: Comedy – Thriller
  • Streaming service: Peacock

This new comedy series delves into the world of true crime…and toilets, and tells the story of 3 people whose paths intertwine unexpectedly and their lives are turned upside down after a series of strange events bring them together.

series Based on a true story It stars Emmy Award nominee Kaley Cuoco, Chris Messina, and Tom Bateman, and consists of 8 episodes.

Season 1 of The Crowded Room

  • Release date: June 9th
  • Genre: Biography – Crime – Drama
  • Streaming service: Apple TV+

The series tells the story of Danny Sullivan, who is under arrest after his involvement in a shooting incident in New York in 1979. The story is told through a series of investigations conducted by the inquisitive detective Rhea Goodwin, revealing to us the story of Danny’s life, and we discover elements of his mysterious past and the twists that will lead him to uncover Seiger. his life.

Come The Crowded Room From author A beautiful mind Oscar winner, starring Tom Holland and Amanda Seyfried.

season 7 from Outlander

  • Release date: June 16th
  • Genre: Drama – Fantasy – Romance
  • Streaming service: Starz

approaching Claire and Jamie’s long journey through time comes to a close with the release of the penultimate seventh season of Outlander. Which tells the story of the married nurse Claire from 1945 who returns in time mysteriously to the year 1743 towards the unknown, and after endangering her life, she is forced to marry the handsome Scottish warrior Jamie and they live a wild love story full of pain, wars and torment.

Season 1 of The Walking Dead: Dead City

  • Release date: June 18th
  • Genre: Adventure – Horror – Thriller
  • Streaming service: AMC

This spin-off series brings together two of the most important characters in the series The Walking Dead Famous: Maggie and Negan, who travel together through a devastated state of Manhattan long cut off from the mainland in order to retrieve her kidnapped son. They are forced to take risks in the city teeming with walkers, and its inhabitants who have made New York their own world full of chaos, danger, beauty and terror.

Season 1 of Secret Invasion

  • Release date: June 21
  • Genre: Action – Adventure – Drama
  • Streaming service: Disney+

We return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe with a series Secret InvasionDiscovering that there is a secret invasion of Earth by shape-shifting Sucrals, Nick Fury joins his allies in a race against time to thwart the impending Sucrall invasion and save humanity.

The series stars Samuel L. Jackson and Cobie Smulders, who return as their characters, and are joined by Emilia Clarke, Olivia Colman, and more.

Season 3 of The Witcher

  • Release date: June 29
  • Genre: Action – Adventure – Fantasy
  • Streaming service: Netflix

Henry Cavill returns as the famous Gerald for the last time in the third season of the series The Witcher. Which comes based on the famous series of novels by author Andrzej Sapkowski and tells the story of an unconventional family formed by pain and wars in a world full of monsters, whether they are human or otherwise.

Season 3 of Warrior

  • Show date: 29 June
  • Genre: Action – Crime – Drama
  • Streaming service: Max

Set in the second half of the 19th century in San Francisco’s Chinatown during the brutal Tong Wars, the series is an action-packed crime series about a martial arts prodigy who migrates from China to San Francisco and becomes the deadly right-hand man of Chinatown’s most powerful gangster.

Season 6 of Black Mirror

  • Release date: June
  • Genre: Science Fiction – Drama – Mystery
  • Streaming service: Netflix

Back Black Mirror The sixth season will be released on Netflix in June, with promises that it will be the most surprising and unexpected season yet. The new season will include many talented names and present us with 5 new stories with separate stories, as we are used to from this strange series. With one episode starring Aaron Paul and Josh Harnett set in an alternate year 1969 as they face unspeakable tragedy in space, another in which the life of an ordinary woman (Annie Murphy) is turned into a big-budget TV series starring Salma Hayek as herself, among many other bizarre stories. .

These were the most prominent upcoming series in June 2023, which of them are you most excited to see? Share your opinions in the comments section below!

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