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The most important upcoming films in May 2023


Here comes the month of May, and with it it presents us with many good films expected, this month we have a varied list between fans of superhero movies, through to action and thriller films, and even drama and horror films.

Here, as usual, on IGN Middle East, we will take you on a quick journey during which we will learn about the most important upcoming films in May 2023, and remind you to watch these works as soon as they are available in cinemas in our Arab countries.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

Movie type: Action, adventure, comedy, superheroes

Show date: May 5, 2023

One of the most anticipated titles, not only in May, but in 2023. The film will witness the last adventure of the protectors of the galaxy, where we see “Peter Quill”, who is still reeling from the loss of “Gamora”, but he gathers his team to defend the universe again, and they will embark on a mission that may mean the end of Guardians of the Galaxy if not successful.

Book Club: The Next Chapter

Movie type: Comedy, drama

Show date: May 12, 2023

After the events of the 2018 Book Club movie, four best friends are back on a new journey as they take their book club to Italy on an unprecedented adventure.

The Mother

Movie type: Action, excitement

Show date: May 12, 2023

The movie “The Mother” starring Jennifer Lopez plays a dangerous hired killer who has been hiding for years in the wilds of Alaska, but returns to her old life in order to save her daughter whom she loved from afar, and there is no revenge like a mother’s revenge. The movie is supposed to be officially available on Netflix.


Movie type: Action, excitement, mystery

Show date: May 12, 2023

Hypnotic, starring Ben Affleck, follows Detective Danny Rourke, who investigates a mystery involving his missing daughter and a secret government program while investigating a series of impossible robberies.

Knights of the Zodiac

Movie type: Action, adventures, drama

Show date: May 12, 2023

Knights of the Zodiac A movie about the goddess of war reincarnated as a young girl, orphan Seiya on the street discovers he is destined to protect her and save the world, but only if he can confront his past and become a knight of the Zodiac. The film was shown in Japan last April and achieved strong revenues, and it is making its way globally during the month of May.


Movie type: Action, crime, mystery

Show date: May 19, 2023

A new adventure from the adventures of Fast & Furious, the tenth part of the series, and Dom Toretto / Vin Diesel will return to the big screen again in order to save his family, who is being targeted by “Dante Reyes”, who is embodied by actor “Jason Momoa”, who is the son of a gangster Hernan Ribes, who seeks revenge for his father’s death.

The Little Mermaid

Movie type: Adventure, family, fantasy

Show date: May 26, 2023

One of several live-action films to come from Disney, The Little Mermaid stars Halle Bailey as Ariel. Javier Bordum will play her father, King Triton, and the villain Ursula will be played by Melissa McCarthy. The film will be directed by Rob Marshall, best known for directing Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. For those who don’t know the classic story, it’s about a little mermaid who makes a deal with a sea witch to swap her beautiful voice for human legs so she can discover the world above water and impress a prince.

About my father

Movie type: comic

Show date: May 26, 2023

Sebastian, played by Sebastian Maniscalco, tells his Italian immigrant father, Salvo, played by Robert De Niro, about his plan to go on a weekend getaway with his American girlfriend, but Salvo insists on going. They are with them on the trip, accompanied by her parents. Despite a clash of their cultures and an initial perception that they have nothing in common, they eventually become one united family by the end of the summer weekend.


Movie type: Action, excitement

Show date: May 26, 2023

The actor “Gerard Butler” returns in a new action experience, where he plays the role of “Tom Harris”, a secret agent in the CIA, who goes with his translator to “Afghanistan” in order to carry out a secret operation, but they soon escape from the special forces there after the operation was exposed.

These were the most prominent upcoming films in May 2023Was your movie expected between them? Don’t forget to share your opinions with us in the comments section.

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