Home Australia The most disgusting things that happen at pubs and nightclubs – as former owner reveals the dirty secrets that will shock Aussies

The most disgusting things that happen at pubs and nightclubs – as former owner reveals the dirty secrets that will shock Aussies

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The most disgusting things that happen at pubs and nightclubs - as former owner reveals the dirty secrets that will shock Aussies

A former nightclub owner has revealed some of the “most disgusting things” men and women do in pubs and clubs across Australia.

Promoter and ‘alcohol magnate’ Danny Grant has revealed the ‘disgusting’ behaviors he had zero tolerance for when he owned a club in Melbourne.

He said that after 15 years in hospitality, one of the worst things he had seen people do was throw glass bottles at unsuspecting crowds.

‘It’s absolutely disgusting, and it happens at concerts and in clubs. Normally they are males, 9.9 percent of the time they are males, they climb a piece and throw it back into the crowd,” he said in a video posted on social media.

‘This screws people up; We’ve had girls whose eyebrows are falling out, their faces completely screwed up, or young guys who are scarred for life because some idiot thought it was funny to throw a glass bottle behind them in a crowd.

Danny Grant, a self-styled promoter and liquor magnate, has revealed the “disgusting” behaviors he had “zero tolerance” for when he owned a nightclub in Melbourne.

“It is a rat act, a faceless crime and it is cowardly.”

Grant then described “creepy behavior” that he said a particular group of men was usually responsible for.

“If they’re wearing pointy shoes, belts or a strange shirt, you can almost guarantee that if you let them in, they’ll do this,” he said.

‘They will walk onto a packed dance floor, spread out and start rubbing girls’ crotches while they dance.

“They laugh like it’s a joke or something, but they’re just fucking creepy and gross. Normally, girls will come and tell us eventually or there will be several girls who will come and say “hey, there’s this guy trying to pressure girls.”

“Just like those who throw bottles, they are treated accordingly, we remove them immediately, there is no tolerance.”

Grant said he didn’t realize these people were looking for “sexual gratification.”

“There’s more to this than I thought,” he said.

“I always thought it was weird and gross, but obviously there’s something else to it as well.”

He said another disgusting thing was how people defaced the bathrooms.

“They literally wipe their asses and leave it on the side of the toilet,” he said.

“People write with poop on the walls, people just leave all kinds of disgusting shit all over the floor, fucking on everything.”

Mr Grant said, surprisingly, the girls’ toilets were generally in worse condition than the men’s when the club closed.

“It amazes me, even thinking about it makes me shudder, the things I’ve seen in the girls’ bathrooms after we closed,” she said.

Former nightclub owner said people who abandoned friends who had overdosed on drugs needed to take a long look in the mirror (file image)

Grant said he also found it disgusting how people abandoned their friends who had overdosed on drugs.

“You see it all the time,” he said. “Someone will come out and say, ‘Look, my friend overdosed,’ and then he’ll say that he’s not doing drugs, but his eyes look like saucers.

And then the whole time they were there, they didn’t give a damn. They just want you to call the ambulance to take over and give them water. And as soon as you do that and they can see you in a safe place, they’ll go right back to the club.

“If you are a friend who leaves your friend laughing at herself because she has done drugs, you may have even given them to her, go to the nearest mirror and take a good look at yourself, because it is disgusting behavior.”

Grant added that another thing he hated to see at his club was “entitlement.”

He said almost all nightclub owners had experienced a man claiming to be a lawyer threatening to sue the venue if they were denied entry or a drink at the bar.

‘If I had a nickel for every time I saw a rich kid yell at a security guard who kicked him out or wouldn’t let him in, that his father was a lawyer or that he would sue him and take away his job, I would never pay it. “I have to go back to work,” he said.

‘I have never received retaliation from these children whose parents are lawyers. There must be many lawyers in the world because we hear it so often, it’s ridiculous.’

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