The Most Comfortable Bottoms You Can Buy Online

When it comes to shopping for clothes, it’s understandable to be somewhat wary of shopping online. Closely scrutinizing the product online won’t necessarily tell you how well it will fit, and there’s a good chance you really won’t know how you feel about it until you try it on your body. While clothes shopping for the perfect ensemble online can be difficult, it doesn’t have to be that way with sportswear. Designer sportswear brand Fourlaps is bridging the gap between fashion and functionality with their varied selection of bottoms, and they’re worth paying attention to even if you have concerns about online clothes shopping.

The Traverse

If you were just to glance at a pair of Traverse pants, you might not even realize they’re workout pants. They have the look and feel of something that falls comfortably on the spectrum between jeans and chinos, and there’s even a loop included for a belt. It’s an outfit that wouldn’t look out of place at the grocery store or a local party, but it’s backed by some serious fitness credentials as well. It promises a four-way stretch for a full range of movement and is crafted from a high-end polyester that keeps things light while also siphoning off sweat and heat that builds up during your exercise routine. It’s arguably the most unique workout pants in the Fourlaps line and also one of the most versatile.

The Quality Relay Track Pant

If the Traverse pants are designed to be worn just about anywhere you want, the Relay is all about efficiency. Incredibly lightweight and minimalistic, they work great with a matching jacket for a brisk and breezy late-night run. These pants are the most traditional take on jogging pants in the collection, but they’re modernized through the inclusion of the features that all of Fourlaps’ bottoms are known for.

The Rush Jogger

The Rush jogger is Fourlaps’ unique take on traditional sweatpants, and the results are pretty impressive. The primarily cotton structure is complemented by both polyester and nylon to maintain a full sense of stretchiness no matter what the situation. But the biggest distinguishing feature here is the inclusion of French Terry fabric. It’s a choice that will make every run feel decadent and force you to strongly question whether you want to get out of your sweatpants ever again. The Flex jogger offers a nice counterpoint to the Rush – trading in the heavier but snugger cotton base for something based in recycled nylon and polyester.

Quality Features for Our Bottoms Come Standard

The variety on display in Fourlaps’ catalog is both distinct and exciting, but it’s the similarities among these products that really tie them together. In a number of regards, Fourlaps is making changes that are challenging underlying traditions about how sportswear should be produced and market. At other places, they’re taking common-sense changes that should have become the standard a long time ago and making them so.

One place where Fourlaps really exceeds, for instance, is in storage capacity. While many sweatpants come with pockets, they’re usually loose and unruly things that make it hard to hold on to your personal effects. Fourlaps includes a hidden and waterproofed pocket in all of their bottoms, and many come with as many as two or three full-sized pockets. Clothes are similarly tapered and styled in a way that belies the sloppy reputation of sweatpants. Whatever pair you pick to wear, you can rest easy knowing that Fourlaps ( can provide a comfortable fit designed to handle anything.