Home Tech The more people say ‘Megalopolis’ can’t sell, the more we need to see it

The more people say ‘Megalopolis’ can’t sell, the more we need to see it

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The more people say 'Megalopolis' can't sell, the more we need to see it

Of all the absolutely depressing things that are published in the business of Hollywood on any given day, this one has to be among the worst: “It’s not that good, and it was so sad to see… This is not how Coppola should end her career.” as director. “

This was in response to an early screening of the Francis Ford Coppola film. Megalopolisto $120 million science fiction epic that the legendary Godfather The director has been trying to make it for about four decades. The quote, from an anonymous “study head,” was published in one piece in The Hollywood Reporter position the movie as the kind of movie that no one in the business wants to funnel money into because it (supposedly) has no box office potential. While that quote was, in journalistic parlance, the kicker, the real joke came in the appendix at the end: “This story has been updated to include that.” Megalopolis It will premiere in Cannes.”

Shooting. Hunter.

THRThe article doesn’t provide the gender of the studio executive cited, but I’m going to go out on a limb: Sir, what the fuck are you talking about? Even if Megalopolis It’s two hours and 15 minutes of Adam Driver (yes, he stars) doing paper doll work, Coppola has survived much worse. This will not end his career. In any case, quotes like this signal the end of Hollywood, or at least the enormous need to reboot it.

Earlier this week, Bilge Ebiri wrote a plea at the top of your lungs at Vulture, declaring “Hollywood is doomed to fail if there is no room for Megalopolises.” Matt Zoller Seitz took a slightly different tack and headed straight to France from your desktop at RogerEbert.com and beg Cannes Film Festival participants to applaud the film and save America from itself. Both noted that many of Coppola’s films—Bram Stoker’s Dracula, one from the heart—They didn’t fully connect with the public or critics when they were first released. The latter almost bankrupt he—just after he he mortgaged everything he owned to finance Apocalypse nowwhich is currently, along with other Coppola films, on the American Film Institute’s list the 100 best movies of all times.

I’d like to make a plea of ​​another kind: Nerds, gather around. We have a long history of crowdfunding and writing letters to voice projects that Hollywood has faltered on. Bjo Trimble saved Star Trek. queer science fiction, Veronica Mars, the town’s Joker—We have raised money for all of this. Studies do not think Megalopolis is financeable; It may not appease any streaming service’s algorithm. Who cares. An online petition with enough support can provide a marketing campaign that rivals the multimillion-dollar one Coppola has envisioned. It’s worth a shot,

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