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The Mexican Sasha Sokol once again calls on women a year after denouncing Luis de Llano

MEXICO — The Mexican actress and singer Sasha Sokol recalls that a year ago she raised her voice to speak openly about the abuse she suffered at the hands of Luis de Llano, with whom she had an affair when she was a child, and she reflects deeply on how it has been his path and the support he continues to receive.

“Today marks one year of having publicly accepted the asymmetrical and abusive relationship that I experienced as a child. The damage it causes me is with me now as a woman. In this time he discovered a lot. For example, that I am not alone and that those who believe me strengthen me; but also that much remains to be done for society to support the victims, ”says the first part of her message.

The exTimbiriche denounced his attacker on International Women’s Day, after the television producer made statements for a YouTube program about their relationship, omitting that she was 14 years old and he was close to 40. Shortly after, he filed a criminal lawsuit.

“I have had to face many things, such as the shame of having been abused, the shamelessness of an abuser who feels untouchable, and the re-victimization by those who question my story,” she reads in her testimony.

Through various slides, Sokol emphasizes that it is not better to remain silent and report, in addition to inviting people not to justify their aggressor in any way and to stop normalizing inappropriate behaviors in the face of abuse.

In the end, he remembered part of the interview that Luis de Llano had with Yordi Rosado, in which he assumes that he fell in love with her but that their courtship appeared a few months, when we were together for almost four years.

Although the producer suffered from excusing himself by saying that he had a consensual relationship, Sokol referred that the one who suffered abuse is called “grooming”, which refers to the actions undertaken by an adult with the intention of creating an emotional bond with a minor to sexually abuse her.

“Luis was admired and applauded by everyone around me. Can you imagine what a minor feels receiving the attention of someone like that? Being seen by him made me feel like the most special girl in the world,” she noted.

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