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The Mexican Army frees 14 hostages


The Mexican Army granted this Monday the release of 14 people kidnapped in an operational group with the Zacatecas Immediate Reaction Force and the National Guard, which has also been saved with 14 detainees.

In a confrontation with armed civilians in the municipality of Pinos, the Security Forces have managed to free nine people deprived of their liberty, as well as another five later in the nearby municipality of General Pánfilo Natera.

The state prosecutor for Justice, Francisco Murillo, explained that the victims are from different regions of the country and that there were no ransom requests: “What has been happening in some cases is that some people are forced to join organized crime to working with them.”

In the operational set, with at least five simultaneous incursions in different parts of the state, 21 vehicles have also been seized, including some armored vehicles, as well as a large number of weapons including grenades and grenade launchers. The authorities have also found one of the armed men dead, possibly as a result of clashes with the Security Forces.

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