The massive new Among Us map gives you more ways to be sneaky


Among usHuge Airship map finally arrived on Wednesday, featuring new crew duties, new ways to get around, and new ways to team up against your friends as the imposter. I tried out the new level for about an hour last night, and players who might have gotten bored with the worn-out paths of Among us’ other levels will have a lot to play with on the airship.

The airship is Among usbiggest card to date, but to my surprise I didn’t actually feel that overwhelmed in my first games. Developer InnerSloth has done a great job of visually differentiating the different rooms. For example, the circular plate room has four large bookshelves, while the kitchen has a charming tile pattern and a pan simmering on a stove. The airship also adds a number of new ways to move around, including ladders and a floating platform that takes you across a canyon.

On some of them Among us’ other maps I have difficulty remembering where I have been. But the remarkable features of many of the airship’s locations made them easier to remember when pleading innocence at player meetings.

Image: InnerSloth

For crew members, the airship has many new tasks to keep you busy while avoiding the trickster. During my hour or so playtime last night, I hammered a showerhead into place, shone a jewel, waved a phone to get a good reception, flushed a video cassette, dressed a mannequin, and even cleaned a toilet. And if you have been for a long time Among us player, you will recognize some old standbys – rest assured that your sophisticated card swiping skills will be put to good use.

If you are an impostor, the airship is a playground, full of large objects and distant angles that you can use to strategically hide the bodies of your crewmates. And of course, impostors can still use vents to zip from room to room and turn off the ship’s lights, communications, and other functions to mess with other players.

Sometimes it can feel the airship to big though; at standard walking speed, it takes a long time to get from one place to another. To help with that, InnerSloth allows you to start from one of three rooms every time you jump on the map. But wherever you start, it still takes a while to get to the other side of the ship. In games with fewer players, the sheer size of the airship also means you may not see many of your crewmembers. It almost seems designed for the upcoming 15 player lobbies

Wednesday’s update also adds an account system and some new free hats, including a poo hat. Among us is available on PC, mobile and Nintendo Switch, with an Xbox version being released sometime this year