Home Entertainment The marriage of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez went through a bad patch: details inside

The marriage of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez went through a bad patch: details inside

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The marriage of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez went through a bad patch: details inside

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, a couple whose romantic saga has captivated fans since the early 2000s, are reportedly going through a new phase in their relationship as the initial “honeymoon” period fades. Recent reports of Lifestyle suggest that the couple is currently facing the challenges of maintaining their marriage through a long-distance split, due to their respective professional commitments.

The source shared: “This is the first long period they have spent apart in a long time. And they both deal with it in different ways.” A source claimed that Lopez finds it difficult to live his life without Affleck.

The source shared that the The boy next door The actress “wants constant affirmation from her husband that she is loved and adored.” However, Lopez “isn’t getting much of that right now and Ben is getting defensive and moody.”

“The honeymoon is definitely over. The feeling is that if they want to stay married, they both need to make some adjustments in their behavior,” said a source.

Affleck, acclaimed director and actor, is immersed in production on the sequel to “The Accountant,” which has him based in Los Angeles. Meanwhile, Lopez, a multifaceted artist known as the “Ai n’t Your Mama” singer, is committed to her own projects in New York City. This geographic separation has required a long-distance relationship dynamic that presents its own set of trials for the couple.

The story of Lopez and Affleck, often affectionately called “Bennifer,” is one of the most followed narratives in Hollywood. Their initial engagement in the early 2000s ended in a high-profile breakup, only for sparks to be rekindled in 2021. Their rekindled romance led to a secret wedding in 2022, completing their relationship with a promise of lasting commitment.

However, like any marriage, theirs is not without its trials. The current challenge revolves around how to balance his bustling careers with his personal life. The stress of living in separate cities is no small obstacle, especially for a couple who has experienced as much public scrutiny as they have. The pressure of continually nurturing your relationship while apart can be exacerbated by constant attention from both the media and fans.

This phase of your marriage is crucial, as you move from the blissful immediacy of post-wedding euphoria to the realities of everyday life and the practicalities of a life on both coasts. The success of your relationship in this new stage will largely depend on how you manage the physical and emotional distance. Communication, trust, and commitment are key components that will determine your ability to maintain your bond during periods of separation.

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