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The map of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is twice as large as the map of the first part


During the last PlayStation event, we took a long look at the expected Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 game, which is available as an exclusive for the owners of the PS5 platform, and the show was able to attract many players, whether they are fans of superhero games or not, and everyone is waiting for more details of the game, and here is the studio Insomniac Games shares new details about the upcoming game.

During an interview with Bryan Intihar, creative director of Insomniac Games, with a newspaper Japanese FamitsuDuring which Bryan confirmed that the map of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 game will be twice as large as the map of the first part, and Bryan stated:

We’ve added Queens and Brooklyn this time, so the map size is almost twice as big as the previous part. As these two areas are somewhat smaller and more inhabited, I think you will find them different from Manhattan. We have prepared some unexpected situations that we have not done before, such as a battle on the river between two cities, so I hope you will look forward to it.

Not only did Insomniac studio have this information, but we also shared with us the main game director, Ryan Smith, about how to switch between “Peter Parker” and “Miles Morales” during the events of the game, and he mentioned that players will be able to freely switch between “Parker” and “Morales” while exploring The open world, but in some situations during the story missions players will have to control one character depending on the situation. Ryan Smith stated:

While they’re both Spider-Man and have some things in common, Miles is faster than Peter and they both have their own quirks, so hopefully you can pick your favorite character.

It is reported that Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is officially coming to PS5 owners this fall.

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