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The majority of voters believe the Tories will not win in the next election.


A minister has hit back at Joe Biden after the US president said he traveled to the island of Ireland to make sure “the British didn’t mess around” and “walk away” from their commitments in the Good Friday Agreement (you can read it original story here).

Huw Merriman, the Minister of Railways, said he “would not accept that at all” and while Biden “can use his own language”, he was “very proud” of the government’s efforts to address the post-Brexit problems in North Ireland to resolve.

Asked if the UK government was “messing around” with the Good Friday Agreement, Merriman told Times Radio: “No, not at all and my roots are in Ireland so I certainly wouldn’t accept that.

“I think the Windsor Agreement really allows us to keep the Good Friday Agreement and all that is good and the Good Friday Agreement has always been the starting point when it comes to our break with the European Union.

“We always intended to keep that and I feel that the Windsor deal that the Prime Minister has just made not only preserves that but also allows us to better trade between the UK and Northern Ireland , but also retains Northern Ireland’s special status in trade.” with the Republic of Ireland.

“He can use his own language, but in my opinion I am very proud of it. We kept the Good Friday Agreement, we celebrated its anniversary, Northern Ireland has turned a corner and we will always support that.”

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