The macOS 11.3 update includes a massive security patch and new emoji


Apple just released macOS 11.3, in addition to iOS 14.5. It’s probably worth updating your Mac as soon as possible – not just because it comes with some new features, including improvements for running iPhone and iPad apps on M1 Macs and updates to Apple Music and Podcasts , but it also solves important security. wrong.

The update reportedly fixes a vulnerability which allowed malware to bypass many of macOS’s built-in protections, such as File Quarantine and GateKeeper’s opening dialog box. While Apple’s built-in anti-malware system could still blocks malicious programs if Apple was aware of itcompany software company Jamf found evidence of the security flaw was exploited by attackers.

Apple too describes a whole range of other security solutions included in the latest update on the security updates page. Catalina and Mojave have also received security patches for those not yet updated to Big Sur.

Security updates aside, one of the biggest new improvements in 11.3 (at least for M1 Mac owners) is the ability to resize iPhone and iPad app windows. Apple has also added keyboard, mouse and trackpad support for games compatible with controllers.

The infinity symbol in the queue controls the Autoplay function.

Apple has also added autoplay to the Music app – a feature that can be great or annoying depending on your mood. After you reach the end of a song or playlist, Apple Music will continue to play music it thinks is similar (luckily it can be turned off if you just want to listen to a specific song). The News and Podcasts apps also have redesigned pages to make them easier to use (with the former getting a reworked search feature – something that’s exciting to me, and possibly no one else).

The update also adds many of the features of iOS 14.5: the ability to track AirTags using the Find My app, new emoji and Siri voices, and support for the Xbox Series X / S and PlayStation 5 DualSense controllers. . You can visit the Apple site at view the full list of updates and features.