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The Lord of the Rings Online has something special planned for Tolkien fans for its 16th birthday – WhatsNew2Day


Even the usually grumpy Furi Stout welcomes the festivities in The Lord of the Rings Online. Take a close look. That’s a dwarf smile.

It’s hard to believe, but among all the modern MMORPGs there are still genre oldies that just can’t be killed. The Lord of the Rings Online is undoubtedly one of them! Although the One Ring has been just a heap of melted gold slush for many years, the MMO grandfather still enjoys an unbroken, loyal fan base.

And she currently has every reason to celebrate. Because in view of the 16th birthday LOTRO gets some new content. The other content plans for the rest of 2023 are also ambitious.

New raid and party till you drop

Let’s look at the current celebrations first. Released April 19, 2023 Updated 35.1 brought the game’s 16th birthday into focus. This means that players can once again gather at the Festival Tree in the Shire, in Bree and in Thorin’s Hall to celebrate together.

As usual, the rewards are new animal companions, fresh outfits, house items and more. The developers have published a guideso that everyone can find their way around and start partying quickly.

The patch notes reveal another highlight: The new endgame raid Gwathrenost, the Witch King’s citadel is in the starting blocks. It takes you back to Angmar to finally eliminate the remains of the former terror realm.

Soon the heroes of Middle-earth will return to the former dread realm of Angmar.

Soon the heroes of Middle-earth will return to the former dread realm of Angmar.

2023 is supposed to be royal

What’s next for LOTRO? The development team has set ambitious goals for the rest of the year read the current roadmap can. A new version of the Kingdom of Gondor is due to appear in the summer, set after the War of the Ring and dedicated to rebuilding under Aragorn as the new king.

In autumn it gets salty, because then it goes to the sea. For the first time the fans can explore the distant shores of Umbarwhere the corsairs known from books and films come from. This will then be the big paid expansion for this year.

Adopted home Middle-earth: Why The Lord of the Rings Online is still so vital despite the ancient technology and numerous shortcomings, Sören has already told everyone who held a microphone in front of him (it’s his own fault!) – for example Géraldine on Was du spielst du so? or in the epic Tolkien talk with Micha and Fabiano.

Do you also play The Lord of the Rings Online? If so, are you looking forward to the new raid and Umbar in the fall? Have you already celebrated your birthday extensively? Or do you say: No, I can’t give myself that look anymore! No matter what your thoughts on the topic may be: Feel free to share them with us in the comments!

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