The List of Must-have Indoor Plants is Ready and Revised


The space that we live in needs frequent revamps. And to revamp your living or working space in the budget, we would suggest you- move your furniture a bit and bring some plants to add a pop of colour in your place. To help you with the idol indoor plants, that will not only deck up your decor but will also bring positive vibes with them, here is a post for you all.


Let us explore the best suited green friends, that you can add in your home or office space and light up your surroundings.


  1. Coffee Plant- Please forbid us, but this plant is not to settle down your coffee addiction! The Coffee plants are known to have very lush green and glossy leaves that can make any corner look beautiful. The Coffee plant likes medium to low sunlight and requires an adequate amount of water.
  2. Rubber Plant- A Rubber plant acts as one of the air purifying plants among many others and requires indirect yet bright sunlight to grow well. Water this air-purifier, once the topsoil of this plant dries up.
  3. Strings of Pearl- Keep the soil of Strings of Pearl adequately watered and place it where it can absorb bright and indirect sunlight. You will see lengthy strands of pearls plant leaves soon after you take proper care of it.
  4. Pilea- Pilea plant is all good to go if provided with bright and indirect sunlight. This plant works best under the ‘drench and dry’ approach, i.e., water thoroughly once and let the soil dry before watering again.
  5. Fiddle Leaf Fig- The best place to put this plant, that makes a dramatic focal point, would be a corner. Provide this plant with bright and indirect sunlight and water it only when the topsoil seems to be dry.
  6. Sweetheart Plant- Also known as Hoya Kerii, this little heart-shaped plant is easy to care for. This plant needs watering in every three to four week of interval and grows the best in bright and direct sunlight.
  7. Anthurium- Anthurium is an indoor flowering plant that has heart-shaped flowers with a waxy finish. Water this plant every once in a while and see how well it grows, effortlessly.
  8. Bird of Paradise- Bird of Paradise plant, goes equally well in direct sunlight as well as low sunlight. For better growth of this plant, avoid overwatering and fertilize this plant often during the summer and spring season.
  9. Snake Plant- Snake plant is very strong-willed, and it is said that it’s quite impossible to kill a Snake plant. This plant works best in low sunlight and needs water only when the soil is dried up thoroughly.
  10. Yucca Cane Plant- Make sure to place your Yucca plant in a spot where there is indirect sunlight, as harsh sunlight will burn the leaves of this green beauty. And like most of the plants in the list above, water Yucca plants only when the topsoil is dried up.

The list here is all that you need to follow whenever you plan to re-do your living or working place. All these plants can be bought easily online as well as offline. So, have a Happy Revamping time!