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The life behind bars of Kristi Abrahams, Nadia Khalil, Sharon Yarnton

Kristi Abrahams

Kristi Abrahams and her boyfriend Robert Smith were arrested in April 2011, eight months after the death of their six-year-old daughter Kiesha.

The girl was relentlessly abused by her mother, who was unable to care for her due to the abuse she herself suffered as a child.

Abrahams also hated how Kiesha resembled her ex-partner Christopher Weippeart, the girl’s biological father.

Although Kiesha’s body was burned after her death, an autopsy found 10 separate injuries to her head, jaw, and body, including broken teeth.

Abrahams abused his daughter for most of her short life, but it escalated in the 18 months before her death.

Abrahams (pictured) initially said he had put Keisha to bed at her Hebersham home around 9:30pm, but she had disappeared the next morning.

When a caseworker spoke to Kiesha in 2007, when she was three, she pointed to a burn mark and said ‘Mom did that’ and ‘Mom hit there.’

Kiesha was killed when Abrahams beat her twice when she refused to put on her pajamas one night in August 2010.

The couple did not seek medical help after Kiesha was beaten, instead putting her in the shower and then on her bed, where she died.

After finding her dead, they hid her body in a suitcase for three days, then took it up a hill and burned it, burying her remains in a shallow grave.

They reported her missing and gained huge support from Australians after appearing on TV multiple times.

But it didn’t take long for the police to suspect them, and eventually Abrahams made a tearful confession to an undercover cop.

Abrahams claimed he only gave his daughter a “little push” and she fell and hit her head on the floor, but forensic evidence refuted this, pointing to blunt force blows to the head.

Abrahams was jailed for 22 years for the murder of her daughter Kiesha (pictured)

Abrahams was jailed for 22 years for the murder of her daughter Kiesha (pictured)

Both she and Smith were arrested in April 2011, eight months after Kiesha’s death, charged with murder and manslaughter, respectively.

Smith pleaded guilty that December, but Abrahams held out until the day before his trial in 2013 when he pleaded guilty.

Abrahams was jailed for 22 1/2 years with a 16-year non-parole period, and Smith received a minimum of 12 years.

Smith is eligible for parole and is expected to be released on April 21, prompting public outcry earlier this week.

Nadia Khalil

For 15 years, Nadia Khalil preyed on juvenile offenders while working as a juvenile justice officer at the Reiby Juvenile Justice Center in Sydney between 1994 and 2009.

She was arrested in 2017 and jailed for 12 years in 2021 on 20 counts of sexually abusing five teenagers between 1997 and 2005.

However, two more men have since spoken out, and a study found that she may have abused more than a dozen people during her employment there.

Two men who told their stories were only 15 or 16 years old when they claimed that Khalil flirted with them and gave them cigarettes.

This progressed to sexual acts until Khalil allegedly convinced them to have sex with her, despite her young age and her authority over them.

One of the men, Gary Glover, told ABC he felt “ashamed and dirty” after being sexually abused by her and that it affected his relationships with women after he was released.

‘I knew it was abuse because I felt sick afterwards; I felt like I didn’t want to do that and she made me do it,” she said.

Nadia Khalil, now 49, is serving 12 years in prison for sex crimes against minors she committed while working as a juvenile justice officer at the Reiby Juvenile Justice Center.

Nadia Khalil, now 49, is serving 12 years in prison for sex crimes against minors she committed while working as a juvenile justice officer at the Reiby Juvenile Justice Center.

Just weeks after his release date in August 1997, Khalil gave Gary his contact details and escaped through his cell’s bathroom window with another child.

He claimed that the next day she picked him up and they went to his house where they had sex while he spent six months on the run before being caught by the police.

Clinical notes from a therapy session in September 2020 record that Gary said that Khalil ‘ruined all[relationships with]adult women.

“I was dirty and sick,” she said.

The prison was warned about Khalil’s too ‘hands-on’ contact with inmates as early as a 1996 internal report recommending that he not work there, but nothing was done and his abuse continued.

An unpublished report from Voice of a Survivor spoke to 14 former detainees who said they were abused by a guard named Nadia, who the charity believes is Khalil.

Khalil’s crimes were not exposed until 2016 during the Royal Commission into Child Sexual Abuse, which led to police charging her in 2017.

sharon yarnton

Chief Corrections Officer Sharon Yarnton plotted to blow up her husband Dean after finding out he started a new relationship a year before their marriage broke up.

She came up with a ‘random’ plan in a meeting with three of her son’s friends at Caringbah McDonald’s before the assassination attempt in February 2015.

Yarnton held a “last supper” at Merrylands Bowling Club to commemorate their split, where Dean drank eight to 12 beers.

Dean fell asleep in the passenger seat of his Nissan Navara, likely with the help of sedatives Yarnton is believed to have put into some of his beers.

Sharon Yarnton, 53 (pictured), was sentenced to 16 years in prison after attempting to kill her husband, a prison guard at Picnic Point, south-west Sydney, in February 2015.

Dean Yarnton (pictured), woke up to a hissing gas bottle in the back seat at Picnic Point, some 23km south-west of Sydney.

Sharon Yarnton had arranged for her husband Dean to be burned to death in his ute, after getting him drunk during a ‘last supper’ with his friends.

She led him into the bushes where they met up with their co-conspirators Monique Hayes, 28, her husband Fady Houda, 27, and their friend Anthony Mouhtaris, 25.

They carried gas bottles that they placed around the car and doused it with gasoline, using a trap to set it on fire.

Yarnton ducked into nearby trees so he could claim he was going to the bathroom when the car suddenly exploded.

Dean woke up to the hiss of the gas bottle and jumped out of the car to confront his estranged wife and prevent a horrible death.

Yarnton had also falsified evidence that Dean ran up huge gambling debts to loan sharks that he had to take out loans to pay off, and abused her.

Monique Hayes and Fady Hood

Monique Hayes and Fady Hood

“According to you, I am a monster, a thief, a gambler, a rapist, an alcoholic and a wife abuser, you know they are all lies,” Dean said in a victim impact statement.

Yarnton was at the time a Senior Assistant Superintendent at Sydney’s Long Bay Gaol after a 25-year prison career, so his fall was shocking.

She was jailed for 16 years for attempted murder and will be eligible for parole in September 2027 after at least 10 years behind bars.

The lackeys also received long sentences.

pedophile mother

This woman, whose name cannot be identified, sexually abused her 12-year-old son and 11-year-old daughter, handing them over to other pedophiles.

The depraved mother, now 42, and her husband, now 62, along with another man named Bruce Ford, ran an international Central Coast pedophile ring.

They linked up with other pedophile parents who abused their children and broadcast and uploaded videos of the horrifying acts online.

A court heard that she was groomed to participate in the abuse, but also encouraged the other parents to abuse their children.

Judge Roy Ellis said that “desecrating his son and daughter demonstrated an unfathomable level of depravity” that was “impossible to comprehend”.

She was finally arrested in 2010 and jailed for 18 years in April 2012, with a non-parole period of 13 years.