<pre><pre>The liberated hate preacher praised Corbyn, calling him the voice of the oppressed & # 39; | United Kingdom | News

Choudary, a 5-year-old father, 51, left Belmarsh prison in London on Friday and was taken to a bailhouse in north London, where he must meet 25 strict conditions to prevent him from preaching extremism.

Now we publish the details of an interview he gave shortly before being imprisoned for five and a half years in 2016 for encouraging people to join the IS.

Choudary, co-founder of the forbidden group Al Muhajiroun, born in London, said in the interview: "From a purely objective perspective, without talking about Islam, I believe that for a long time there has not been a voice for the oppressed in this country.

"The austerity measures, the control of unions and dissenting voices, the oppression against the National Health Service … the difficulty that people have in trying to cover their daily expenses has finally found a voice in this country."

"I think he [Corbyn] He has taken advantage of that If he had to get rid of some of his more socialist ideas, such as not bowing to the Queen, I think he might have a landslide. I do not agree with him ideologically, but at least he's honest. "

He added: "In terms of [his support] for Hamas and the PLO [Palestinian Liberation Organisation] and the IRA, I do not think Jeremy Corbyn feels sympathy for people who ask for Sharia law. I think he is someone who has always supported the destitute and that is part of his socialist ideology. "

Tory MP Philip Davies said: "This says everything you need to know about the Labor Party of Corbyn, gentle against crime, about terrorism and friend of people who hate our country."

Corbyn caused controversy in 2002 when he addressed an anti-Israel rally in London when al-Muhajiroun members shouted abuse and praised al Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden.

His spokesman said: "It was a public event, in no way responsible for the opinions of thousands of attendees, Jeremy condemns Al-Muhajiroun in the strongest terms."