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The letter wrote about Lyn Dawson’s before she disappeared when her husband’s murder approached

REVEALED: The mysterious letter written by a family friend who warned Lyn Dawson that she was ‘crazy’ about leaving her husband Chris alone with his student Joanne Curtis – because he is on trial for the murder of his wife

  • Chris Dawson, 71, had a hearing about his wife’s murder on Thursday
  • Lynette Dawson, then 33, disappeared from the northern beaches of Sydney in 1982
  • He would then have a sexual relationship with teenager Joanne Curtis
  • Elva McBay, now 101, submitted a four-page letter as evidence at the hearing
  • It revealed that Lyn had been warned not to leave her husband alone with his student

A letter from a family friend showed that Lyn Dawson had been warned that she was “crazy” about leaving her husband alone with his teenage student before she disappeared.

Elva McBay, 101, submitted a four-page letter on Thursday during Chris Dawson’s hearing at the Downing Center Local Court in Sydney.

The former PE teacher, 71, is accused of murdering his wife Lyn, it disappeared from the northern beaches of Sydney in January 1982, in a case made famous by the popular podcast “The Teacher’s Pet.”

Mrs. McBay wrote that she had told Lyn to take the girl out of her house and that the teenager would have threatened to take the mother’s life.

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Mrs. McBay wrote that she warned Lyn (in the photo with one of her daughters) to kick the teenager out of her house

Mrs. McBay wrote that she warned Lyn (in the photo with one of her daughters) to kick the teenager out of her house

Chris Dawson (center) leaves the Downing Center Local Court in Sydney, Wednesday 12 February

Chris Dawson (center) leaves the Downing Center Local Court in Sydney, Wednesday 12 February

Chris Dawson (center) leaves the Downing Center Local Court in Sydney, Wednesday 12 February

“Lyn said there were many disagreements and arguments between Joanne and herself and that during one of these arguments Joanne had threatened to kill her,” said Ms. McBay’s letter. Australian weekend is reading.

The case focuses on the alleged sexual relationship of the former Newtown Jets rugby league star with his school student Joanne Curtis, who would look after the couple.

In the undated letter, Ms. McBay stated that she was worried and surprised that the teenager had entered the house to help with the two daughters of the Dawsons, Shanelle and Sherryn.

She wrote that the move was meant to allow Dawson to “help Joanne with her studies,” but during several conversations with Lyn in 1981 she noticed that things were getting rocky.

The letter reveals that the teenager spent more and more time with Dawson and became hostile to Lyn, prompting McBay to warn her to remove Curtis from her home before the situation got worse.

But Lyn would have responded: “Chris and I love each other and I trust him implicitly.”

The letter adds that Lyn came by on one occasion to visit Mrs. McBay, who was with her sister-in-law, the wife of Dawson’s twin brother Paul, Marilyn.

Lyn told the women that she took her daughters out for a while so that her husband and Curtis could study without being disturbed.

“Both Marilyn and I were surprised about this and I honestly told her she was crazy about leaving and leaving her husband and a teenage girl clearly in love with Chris alone in the house,” Mrs. McBay wrote.

Lynette (Lyn) Dawson (along with Chris) disappeared from her family’s Bayview home in Sydney’s Northern Beaches on January 9, 1982, and was the subject of the popular podcast “The Teacher’s Pet” that sparked international interest in the case

But by Christmas, McBay felt that the Dawson’s marital problems had been resolved after Lyn called her to ask for advice on buying a gift for her husband.

Mrs. McBay wrote that it came as a huge shock to her when Lyn went missing the following month.

The family friend was the first witness to testify at the four-day hearing that began Monday.

On Thursday, Dawson was determined to stand trial in the NSW Supreme Court, which is expected to take place this year.

He will appear in court for trial in April.


1970: Lynette Joy Simms marries soccer player Christopher Michael Dawson. They are both 21 and later have two daughters, first Shanelle and then Sherryn

1980: Mr Dawson, who withdrew from playing rugby league to become a PE teacher, starts an affair with 16-year-old student Joanne Curtis at Cromer High School on Sydney’s northern beaches

1981: Dawson persuades Mrs. Dawson to let Joanne go to their house to get away from her violent stepfather and finish her Higher School Certificate

198 December1: Dawson and his young lover run away to Queensland together, but Mrs. Curtis changes her mind and returns to Sydney

January 8, 1982: Mrs. and Mrs. Dawson are going to marriage therapy. Mrs. Dawson’s mother talks to her daughter, who is not a big drinker, on the phone and thinks she sounds ‘tarnished’.

January 9, 1982: Dawson says he dropped off his wife at a bus stop in Mona Vale so she could go shopping at Chatswood. Mrs. Dawson does not show up to meet her mother, husband, and children in Northbridge Baths. Dawson says his wife called him and said she needed time for herself

10 or 11 January 1982: Mr Dawson picks up Joanne from South West Rocks on the north coast of NSW and she moves to his house. He reports that his wife is missing six weeks later.

1983-1985: Dawson divorces his missing wife and marries Joanne. The newlyweds move to Queensland where Joanne has the couple’s daughter Kristen

1990: Mr. Dawson and Joanne broke up. She returns to Sydney and urges the police to look for a body in his old garden

2000: Mrs. Dawson’s pink vest is found during a police excavation on the family’s former estate in Bayview

2001 and 2003: Two corpses believe that Mrs. Dawson was murdered by a “famous person” – Chris Dawson – but he has not been accused of an offense

2006: An episode of the British TV series Antiques Roadshow was recorded in Padstow, Cornwall. Dawson later claims that a woman seen in the background of the episode could be his missing wife

2018: The police are preparing a new assignment for the NSW director of the public prosecutor. The Australian launches his podcast, The Teacher’s Pet, on the matter

December 5, 2018: Queensland Police arrest Chris Dawson with his twin brother. He is then extradited to NSW and charged with the murder of Lyn.

February 2020: Mr. Dawson, who argued that his wife was not guilty of murdering, is facing a hearing at the Downing Center’s local court and is determined to stand trial.