The leaks reveal that Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Plus will come in three colors and will look similar to the originals

The leaks reveal that Samsung’s new Galaxy Buds Plus will come in at least three colors, but it will look almost exactly like the originals

  • Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Plus can come in three color variants.
  • The renderings also show that the design will be substantially similar to the originals.
  • Outbreak specifications are not yet available, but could be published in February.

Samsung’s next hardware leaks keep coming, and this time the company’s latest generation headphones are at the center.

Renders shared by Ishan Agarwal through the blog MySmartPrice, seem to offer the first vision of Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Plus, a new addition to its line of Bluetooth wireless headphones.

While the specifications of the buds remain a mystery, they will apparently come in at least three different color variants, which include white, black and light blue.

As for the design, the headphones also appear to be quite similar to the original Galaxy Buds, including an almost identical charging case.

In addition to the color variants, MySmartPrice also detected some other surface differences, including a physical button next to the LED light.

The leaks, if necessary, are part of an equally revealing torrent of information on an upcoming Samsung flagship phone called Galaxy S20.

Recently released images revealed that the Galaxy S20 + has a matrix of four cameras fixed on the back of the phone along with a flat screen and thin bezels.

Other features of the new design seem to include a smaller, more focused selfie camera and the ‘Infinity-O’ screen, which comes with a pre-installed screen protector.

According to more leaks from XDA Developers this week, the next Galaxy S20 Plus, which is the largest version of Samsung’s flagship phones to be launched in February, will definitely have a high-end 120 HZ screen that had previously only been rumored.

The 120 HZ display will offer a high refresh rate, but will only work with the standard resolution of the phone compared to the WQHD setting – quad high – which records 1440p instead of 1080p.

In addition, XDA says the phone will come with a traditional headphone jack and an ‘ultrasonic’ fingerprint scanner on the screen.

The last feature marks a significant confirmation since Samsung has tried to include on-screen fingerprint reading technology in the past to remarkably mixed results.

Galaxy Buds offer dual smart microphones that can adjust to the noise levels of your environment and provide hands-free control with Samsung's virtual assistant, Bixby

Galaxy Buds offer dual smart microphones that can adjust to the noise levels of your environment and provide hands-free control with Samsung’s virtual assistant, Bixby

Samsung’s Galaxy S10, which uses similar technology, was at the center of the controversy when customers said the technology, designed to allow biometric security, was slow and easy to fool.

The major defects of the scanner occurred when combined with a screen protector, which instead of unlocking the phone on a case-by-case basis, allowed it to open to anyone.

However, it is possible that with the S20, Samsung has improved its sensor technology and fixed the problems that caused the S10 to fail.