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The launch of a SpaceX rocket to the International Space Station has been postponed


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The launch of a SpaceX rocket to the International Space Station, which was scheduled for early Monday, February 27, 2023 from Florida, was canceled at the last moment, for reasons related to terrestrial systems, while the second of March was set as a new date for the launch, according to what was announced. The US Space Agency (NASA).

The launch was scheduled to take place from the Kennedy Space Center on Monday at 1:45 am (6:45 GMT), carrying the “Crew 6” crew, which includes people of various cultures, and it is the sixth team to visit the International Space Station in a regular rotation mission undertaken by SpaceX. “.

The “Dragon” capsule carrying the astronauts, who are Americans, a Russian and an Emirati, was also supposed to dock with the International Space Station after a trip that takes about a day.

However, the missile launch was canceled two minutes before take-off. NASA tweeted, “The +Cro6+ launch has been canceled due to a ground systems issue.”

And NASA stated in a statement that “SpaceX” unloaded the fuel from its “Falcon 9” rocket, while the crew got out of the capsule, noting that the next launch attempt of the rocket will take place on Thursday, March 2 at 00:34 local time (05:34). Tg), “depending on solving the technical problem that prevented the launch of the missile on Monday.”

On Tuesday, NASA announced the postponement of the launch of the rocket, which was originally scheduled for Sunday, for a period of 24 hours.

The four astronauts, the Americans Stephen Boone and Warren Hoberg, the Russian Andrey Vidyaev and the Emirati Sultan Al Neyadi, are scheduled to spend six months aboard the International Space Station.

Sultan Al Neyadi (41 years old) will become the fourth astronaut from an Arab country, and the second Emirati to participate in a space mission after Hazzaa Al Mansouri, who spent eight days at the International Space Station in September 2019.

The Crew 6 mission will be the first spaceflight of Warren Hoburgh and Andrei Fedyaev.

The Endeavor capsule, which will carry astronauts, has previously participated in three space flights.

A pick-up and delivery mission will take place between the Crew 6 crew and the Crew 5 crew members who arrived at the space station in October 2022. They will return to Earth aboard their own SpaceX vehicle as well, after some days of operation. delivery.

The International Space Station currently includes three astronauts (Russian and American) who arrived aboard a Russian Soyuz spacecraft.

The spacecraft suffered a leakage accident in December, and it became very dangerous for the astronauts to return on board. On Saturday, the Russian space agency Roscomos sent a relief vehicle to the International Space Station to bring back the three cosmonauts.

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