The latest test from Twitter makes following tweet storms a lot easier

Remember the epic, fingernail-corrosive story of business intrigues where a man got his lunch at the office and caught the thief watching the security tapes in the course of two days? It was not easy to follow unless you were already following the user to write the tweets – but there may be a better way soon. Twitter tests a feature that allows you to follow responses to individual tweets so that you can follow the next great Twitter saga.


It looks like this:

Although users can already receive notifications for all tweets shared by an individual account – which I could have done to follow the lunch stealer's story – in the test, users can now choose to also receive notifications for responses to individual tweets . That way you don't have to wipe out every well-meaning political statement if you are only in favor of it extremely important discussion of exactly how long until tea is steep.

Improving answers seems to be a recent focus for Twitter because it has also introduced the ability to hide answers and test threaded conversations in twttr, the experimental app. The new focus seems to have followed the chaos of The tweeted live February #KaraJack interview between Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and Kode Swisher from Recode, where the embarrassed CEO acknowledged that the conversation was "not easy" to follow.

But changes to make it easier to follow conversations on Twitter do not help to tackle the huge problems with bullying and abuse on the platform, which in the first place prevents a healthy conversation. At the moment, Twitter seems to be focused on letting users spend more time on the platform, but it still doesn't do enough to guarantee a better experience while they are there.

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