<pre><pre>The latest charging cables from Nomad are made from genuine Kevlar

Accessory company Nomad is overhauling its line of charging cables across the board with an important redesign adds a whole lot of Kevlar – genuine, licensed Kevlar – to the mix for what promises to be even heavier cables than the company's already strong cables.


The new cables are equipped with Kevlar K29, an industrial version of the material used in cables (such as these charging cables) and also bodywork and vehicle armor, which may make it a bit overkill for charging a telephone. Nomad uses the Kevlar both for a braided exterior and for a central internal core for the new cables, making them quite difficult to break.

The new Kevlar design rolls out over Nomad & # 39; s entire line-up of cables, with 11 different cords of different lengths and connectors available, including USB-C to USB-C, USB-A to Lightning, & # 39; Universal Cables & # 39; with a variety of included dongles and, in a scoop for Nomad, USB-C to Lighting cables.

How strong are the cables, Nomad has a video show the cables used to tow both people and a van, in case you are not convinced. I have been able to try out one of the Lightning-to-USB-C cables for a few days and although I cannot try durability tests (it seems pretty strong), my iPhone charges quickly when I am connected to an 18 W USB-C PD charger, which is good enough for me.

The obvious question, of course, is "do you need a Kevlar charging cable?", With the answer "probably not". Especially if you count the price. The old Nomad cables were already quite expensive and that does not change with the new Kevlar models, which start at $ 29.95 for the cheapest, shortest cables and $ 44.95 for the most expensive (a 3 meter / 10 foot long Lightning) to USB-C cable). Nomad does offer a five-year warranty with the cables, so you must be able to use it sufficiently if you are willing to drop the money.

And if the fact that you're made of the same material as your body armor is a requirement for your phone charger, Nomad's cables are actually the only game in town.