The Latest Casino Heist Catching International Attention

The Casino Heist. It is what has fueled dozens of movies over the years and has become the subject of legends. With literally millions of dollars on the line at these casinos, it is not surprising that these types of stories have become so popular.

However, sometimes fiction becomes reality. There are instances out there where people have pulled off the big heist. That was the case a week ago when it was revealed that $13 million had been stolen from a casino in South Korea. It has quickly become an exciting drama to say the least.

Not at These Casinos!

What is interesting is that the vast majority of people have envisioned one of these heists sometime in their life. It is almost too much of a temptation to ignore. There are millions of dollars available, and many believe that if they had the right crew, they could pull it off. It is what has helped to make casinos even more tantalizing than they already are.

Of course, one industry is kind of ruining that image. The online casino is becoming a huge deal these days. In New Zealand, many people are turning to these casinos, because they offer them the same opportunity to play the games they enjoy without ever having to leave their home. One can find that the best online casinos in New Zealand are at where they provide information about the most trusted local and international operators, including games that are available, welcome bonuses, and other highlights.

These online casinos are a great place to play, but they have taken some of the luster off the casinos in general. After all, you cannot break into an online casino to rob it. No one put together a crew of five super criminals who would open the vault on the website, subdue the security guards, and make off with millions of dollars. They are safer for the casino and its patrons, but they have removed some of the luster.

Getting in on the Big Heist

From jewelry stores, to banks, casinos, and armored cars, there are many who have been envisioning how they would pull off the big heist. That was the case in Werribee where a thief made off with $58,000 worth of gold chains and it daring robbery of a jewelry store.

The robbery was so simple, yet so daring. The culprit asked to look at a chain and, after returning it to the clerk, he reached over the counter and grabbed a handful of chains from the drawer while the clerk was attempting to put the other chain away. He then ran off and is still at large.

Last November, thieves in Germany pulled off a huge heist when they drilled into a vault and got away with €6.5 million. The daring criminals worked their way through the customs office, then broke into the vault grabbing the cash before escaping in an unmarked van. They are still large.

This is another in a long list of daring robberies in Germany last year. In February, three men were sentenced to several years in jail after stealing a 100 kg gold coin from a museum. There were three other bank robberies in Germany’s capital city during the year.

Too Much to Pass Up On

With so much money involved, it is not surprising that there are many out there who would try to figure out a way to get past the massive amount of security. It is just too much of a temptation, and will lead some to spend countless numbers of hours trying to figure out how to get past all of that state-of-the-art technology and dozens of security guards to try to gain access. 

Sometimes they are successful, which is what happened in South Korea. Although, in this case, it was not that the culprit broke into the casino, tied up security guards and used high-tech equipment to break into the vault. Instead, it was a casino executive using her position to enable her to get away with 14.6 billion won, about $13 million in cash. 

According to the Jeju Provincial Police Agency, an investigation is underway regarding the theft. According to police, the employee was a Malaysian national who worked at the Shinhwa World Casino which is operated by Landing International Development Ltd.

Police reported that the employee went on vacation near the end of December and did not return. Upon further examination of the books, it was discovered that she had taken off with the money. Police believe that she physically carried the cash out of the facility, but have been unable to determine exactly how she accomplished this.

According to a police source, the weight of the money would have been about 280 kg (617 pounds). That is far too much for one person to carry out of the casino on their own. This has led authorities to believe that she may have had an accomplice to the crime. However, the police investigation has been hampered by the fact that the surveillance camera footage of the casino had been erased. Whether this was done by her accomplice or conducted by the former employee is not known. The name of the former executive has not been provided by authorities.

After news broke of the robbery, the Hong Kong-based company saw their stock value drop by 7.6%. However, it did rebound so that it is only 1.4% off from its value from a week ago. The casino is offering a reward for any information regarding the capture of the alleged culprit.

Casinos Are a Tempting Target

The Shinhwa World robbery is the most common type to occur at casinos. It is usually an inside job where an employee or executive has figured out a way to bypass security or embezzled funds from the casino. This is what happened at Bill’s Stardust casino back in 1992 when William Brennan simply filled a garbage bag full of cash and chips and walked out of the casino. Brennan allegedly walked away with $500,000 in total assets, but he has never been found despite being added to the FBI’s most wanted list. It is believed that his accomplice killed him. 

In 2013, $32 million was stolen from the Crown Casino in Perth, Australia. Two men were involved in the robbery, one of them being a card dealer at the casino. Using a clever plan at the table, the two nearly got away with the theft of the money, but continued to play, refusing to accept the millions of dollars they had already won. This eventually caught the attention of the floor staff who arrested the two.

While most of these are white-collar kind of crimes, there are some more daring ones. Several armed robberies have occurred, including the treasure Island casino in 2004, the Bellagio robbery, and the Circus Circus attempted 1993. The culprit in the Circus Circus robbery did get away with $3 million, but turned herself in 12 years later. She was given a five-year sentence and her boyfriend, who was involved in the robbery, remains at large.