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The latest Apex Legends trailer gives us a look at the content for Season 17


Season 17 of the Apex Legends battle royale game has a new gameplay trailer that introduces players to new content and the playable hero Ballistic.

The new season brings many changes to the design of the World’s Edge map, such as the presence of new points of interest, including Monument and Stacks, as well as you can walk on the lava floor, but it will cause damage to the character.

It can be said that Ballistic is a former Thunderdome athlete whose career ended with the tragic death of his teammate and brother-in-law. Ballistic has since become a bit lonely, choosing to neglect his family until they leave. Ballistic discovers that his son has qualified for the Apex Games, prompting a deal with the guild to take his son’s place in those competitions for his own safety.

The new season will start under the name Arsenal and will be officially available on May 9.

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