The last Joker trailer promises a grim study of Batman's archnemesis

The last trailer for Todd Phillips " prankster has arrived and it reveals the gritty, dark look at the iconic Batman villain.


The Warner Bros. description of prankster says: "Phillips & # 39; reconnaissance of Arthur Fleck, indelibly portrayed by Joaquin Phoenix, is from a man struggling to find his way in the broken society of Gotham. He is a rental clown during the day and strives to & # 39, being a stand-up comic at night … but thinks the joke always seems to be like him Arthur, trapped in a cyclical existence between apathy and cruelty, makes a bad decision that triggers a chain reaction of escalating events in this grim character study. "

Arthur is not the only one who puts on a clown mask. The trailer also shows a Gotham City full of riot clowns, possibly as a thematic interpretation of something like the dissatisfied social movement in the real world.

It is hard work, and it promises a much more serious look at the traditional comics of the Joker supervillainy than the already reasonably founded approach that we saw in 2008 The dark knight.

The trailer also gives us a look at Bruce Wayne's father, Thomas (Brett Cullen). In most Batman stories, the death of Thomas and his wife Martha is the defining incident that causes Bruce to take down the hood and fight crime as a masked civilian guard. However, Thomas lives very much here, which means prankster will probably not show a showdown between its titular character and the Caped Crusader. Although it is possible that the film offers a different perspective on the many portrayed deaths of Wayne's parents in Crime Alley.

DC and Warner Bros. seem to cause this image of the character to distance itself from its other iterations, and note that prankster is "an original, self-contained fictional story that has never before been seen on the big screen." We will discover if all these great ideas work like a movie when prankster to theaters on October 4.

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